Photo from icr.org

Photo from icr.org

Giant Salamander Suction Compared to Jet Car

by Brian Thomas, M.S. *

Some rocket cars can accelerate at 5 g-forces.1 For comparison, respectable acceleration for a sports car amounts to half a “g,” and people faint when accelerating at 5g’s. But long before the rocket car was invented, fish were accelerating just as forcefully into the mouths of giant salamanders. How did these thin-skinned amphibians acquire rocket-force mouthparts?

A team of researchers from Austria investigated the biomechanics of suction feeding and measured the maximum acceleration of a fish as it traveled into a Chinese Giant Salamander’s mouth. These river monsters, including the species Andrias davidianus, can exceed five feet in length. Their numbers are steadily declining, so we better study them now since future generations might not get the chance.2

The Journal of the Royal Society Interface published the new results.  Moving their fast food at 40-50 m/s2, or between 4 and 5g’s, these salamander’s suckers impress.

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This is another of God’s amazing wonders.  How this salamander is able to generate this kind of power is not beyond me even though I don’t have a title in front of my name.  I think I know where this Chinese sucker got its abilities. As Dr. Thomas states:

“So far, the most scientifically responsible answer to the question of salamander suction origins is a purposeful creation by God.”

I agree.


2 Responses to G-FORCE GULP

  1. Mannyr says:

    Absolutely amazing the handiwork of our Creator.

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