“It’s a bird. It’s a plane. NO!!! It’s Superman.”  I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid Superman was always my favorite comic book character.  Spiderman was a close second.

I don’t plan on seeing the new, box-office, record-breaker soon; maybe when it comes out on DVD.  And I’ve not watched the latest Spiderman movies because the end of the first one was too violent in my book.

The movie gets a 3 1/2 out of five in this review.

I think Gary has some interesting thoughts in this video.  You may want to skip the ad about the prophecy conference and go straight to the podcast.

I’m with Mr. Stearman; Jesus Christ is the one and only real Superhero.



  1. Mannyr says:

    I agree Chris, Jesus is the only real superhero.It is sad that people have to have someone of imaginary capabilities to believe in and be entertained by them.

    When someone can turn water into wine, one should saddle-up to Him. Also, Kryptonite has no effect on King Jesus.

    • Chris says:

      Another great point, Manny.

      If a kid needs a comic book, The Picture Bible is a great resource. I’m not against non-violent comics that are decent. Probably have to get an old one to find such a thing.

      Jesus can turn water into wine and He is everlasting.

      Always great to hear from you my friend…

  2. Mannyr says:

    o Yes, He can walk through doors and walls without breaking them, can’t say that about Superman and his buddies.

    • Chris says:

      Great point, Manny.

      And He can rise from the dead and save mankind from their sins. Just a tad bit more powerful than the comic book character.

  3. It’s funny how our culture flocks to and suck up to what Hollywood feeds them…

    I remember the movie Avatar which was one of the highest grossing movies of all time (if not the highest) and I finally watched it a couple yrs after it came out… Waste of time…

    I was shocked at the level of occult messages buried in the story line. I even read media reports of people attempting suicide as a result of this movie, in order for them to enter a utopian paradise as the one pictured at the end of the movie.

    The way Avatar trivialized death is simply not permissible. We have kids inhaling these movies like oxygen and it forms their worldview.

    Great to see that I’m not the only conservative nut on the blogs 🙂 lol!

    • Chris says:

      Hi Delight.

      I never saw Avatar, but even the name has new age implications. I am not surprised that you noted occult messages. You are so right about how the world craves movies like Avatar. They are looking in all the wrong places for the answer that, by the grace of God, we have found.

      I’m also not surprised that death is trivialized. Life is cheap today. Reminds me of a line from one of my favorite movies:

      “Heroes come pretty cheap around here … if you can put a ball through an iron hoop, people treat you like a god.”
      -Teacher Myra Fleenor

      The movie is called “Hoosiers” and, of course, it’s messages do not compare with Avatar’s themes. Hoosiers is about redemption. Another quote from the movie is:

      “Strap, God wants you on the floor.”
      -Coach Norman Dale

      Contrasting these two films only makes me more of a conservative nut and happy to join the group. 🙂

      God’s blessings…

  4. Phantom was the very initial tremendous hero and was popular throughout
    1936. Do you have any thoughts or opinions on what weve put forth here.
    People who say otherwise are trying to fool themselves.

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