Photo by snowlepard

Photo by snowlepard

On this Independence Day we remember those who have contributed to make this nation great.  And we know that true freedom comes in Jesus Christ alone.

Put the video on full screen and use earphones if you have them, and have a blessed 4th.

God’s blessings…

Chris Reimers

Probably the best 2nd Amendment speech you’ll ever hear


  1. Awesome video, Chris. I have family members who serve in the military and these kind of videos make me and them proud to be american citizens. A close friend who is an emergency medicine physician served in Iraq and he nearly paid the ultimate price serving his country when he was shot by a sniper. I wish more Americans would display more patriotism.

    • Chris says:

      Thanks, Delight.

      This was the only decent thing like this I could find on YouTube. Then again, I’m not a great researcher on the net.

      I’m so glad your friend survived. My father had a very close call in Korea. He was a medic and a bomb exploded very close to him, taking off part of his skull. He still has a metal plate in his head today. He can’t hear real well. His purple heart sits in his bottom drawer. Like so many others, they don’t talk much about their experiences. My Dad has been pretty open, but one has to ask him about it.

      We owe our freedom to men like your friend and my Dad. May God bless them and may God bless America.

  2. Mannyr says:

    I am proud to speak for three generations of United States Marines in my family. Guadalcanal, Viet Nam, Iraq. It still brings tears to my eyes when a veteran’s memorial service includes the last call…the trumpet solo we know as “Taps.”

    As Americans all of us should love our country good, bad, or ugly no matter what! To all who have paid the ultimate price, to all who returned home limb-less or walking wounded, since the days of “The shot heard around the world,” to present Afganistan we say well done and thanks a lot!

    We Marines have a motto that has served us well in spite of Hollywood’s perversion of it. “Semper Fi” it is as you probably know Latin for “Semper Fidelis.” Always faithful! May it mean that to us as Americans all year every year in regards to our United States of America.

    • Chris says:

      I would like to thank your family for their service, Manny.

      Any time I see someone whom I know served in any branch of the military, I shake their hand and say: “thanks.” One day I was sitting in a bus station waiting for the next bus. I remember two guys dressed in military clothes carrying duffle bags heading who-knows-where to serve our nation. I let each know my appreciation.

      My wife worked in a Marine recruiting office in High School. Those guys were a bit rough around the collar, but I believe they would have laid down their lives to protect her. They called her a “Bible thumper,” but they had soft hearts under those tough exteriors.

      “Semper Fi…”

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