Stegosaur carving from approx. 1186 A.D. Photo found at ICR.org Photo credit to Don Patton

Stegosaur carving from approx. 1186 A.D.
Photo found at icr.org
Photo credit to Don Patton

A VERY INTERESTING ARTICLE was recently published by the folks at the Institute for Creation Research.  It shows a picture of a dinosaur that was carved around 1,000 years ago.

It is a short article, but it packs a punch.  Here are a few excerpts:

“The temple at Ta Prohm  (modern day Cambodia) —with its tree root-draped stones providing a picturesque scene for visitors—lies fewer than three miles from the oft-visited major Angkor Wat complex. The Khmer people built it and the many surrounding temples during Europe’s Middle Ages.”

If you would like to take a virtual tour of the temple, GO HERE.

One should really read THE ARTICLE for oneself, but it includes this interesting observation:

“The nearest stegosaur fossils come from faraway China. It is therefore very unlikely that the ancients carved a stegosaur likeness based on fossils.”

If the date is anywhere close to 1186, and if the artist saw a living stegosaur, dinosaurs didn’t die out 60-70 million years ago.  This would discredit Darwinian evolution.  I’ve known about this carving for some time, but I didn’t know that it had been dated.  It makes the image even more remarkable.



  1. Mannyr says:

    The pictures give one pause for thought to the young earth belief. The place is very interesting in a cultish way. The growth of the trees is almost as if they are trying to claim back the jungle.

    The Stegosaur carving is quite a find. Sure puts a kink in the evolutionary theory. Very awesome photography. Sooner or later all of creation will reveal the signature of the Creator.

    • Chris says:

      I’m glad you like the picture, Manny.

      I think it is obvious that I believe that the earth is young. I’m almost certain that I’ve mentioned the Incan burial stones in another post. There are many; some with two dinosaurs engraved on them. I have a picture around here somewhere with me holding one of the stones. Next to me is Don Patton, the man credited for taking this photo. He is now a pastor at a church here in Hot Springs.

      There are many evidences for a young earth; some of them I am unfamiliar with. It is why I check out icr.org occasionally. Most of The Institute for Creation Research’s information discredits Darwinian evolution.

      I believe that I have also posted information here about Dr. Robert Gentry. He wrote a book entitled “Creation’s Tiny Mystery.”

      There are three posts on this blog that mention Dr. Gentry. They are:





      One of the posts pictures Dr. Gentry’s book. It is a book that gives geologic evidence of a young earth.
      He has had his critics, but I still haven’t seen a good refutation of the polonium halo data that the book details.

      Here is a section of one of the three posts:

      “In 1987, Dr. Robert Gentry presented evidence for Creationism at the University of Tennessee. It may have been one of the last Creationist lectures given in American University.

      Mr. Gentry’s evidences for Creationism had been, even at that time, dismissed as a “tiny mystery.” The implications of Mr. Gentry’s findings are huge. The following links show his 1987 presentation in full.

      The question and answer period at the end are indicative of the way Creationism had, even at that time, been discarded as a possible explanation for our existence.

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7p_4s2ZkN0 Part 1

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paaCeNZQ_XY&feature=related Part 2

      You may want to take a peek at these.

      My main “evidence” is the Bible itself. I take the first chapter of Genesis literally.

      “In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth….”

      I think it is clear. We didn’t wash up on some beach as who-knows-what and evolve into humans. It is what we teach in almost every science classroom in America.

      Some of the most well-known evolutionists believe some strange stuff. Here is one example:

      I also think the Stegosaur is a great find and it does put a kink in evolutionary theory. As you have “stated,” my friend, someday we will all know the truth.

      God’s blessings…

      • Ponder Anew says:

        Thank you for letting me chime in again, Chris. I have to admit there are compelling arguments on both sides. I tend to be in the “middle” keeping an open mind. However, in regards to Genesis especially, I lean toward

        “What is the literal sense of a passage is not always as obvious in the speeches and writings of the ancient authors of the East, as it is in the works of our own time. For what they wished to express is not to be determined by the rules of grammar and philology alone, nor solely by the context; the interpreter must, as it were, go back wholly in spirit to those remote centuries of the East and with the aid of history, archaeology, ethnology, and other sciences, accurately determine what modes of writing, so to speak, the authors of that ancient period would be likely to use, and in fact did use. For the ancient peoples of the East, in order to express their ideas, did not always employ those forms or kinds of speech which we use today; but rather those used by the men of their times and countries. What those exactly were the commentator cannot determine as it were in advance, but only after a careful examination of the ancient literature of the East” (Divino Afflante Spiritu 35–36).

        That said, I might add the Church takes no official position and does not say what I SHOULD believe about the age of the world, but rather leaves this question for science to determine.

        Hope this makes sense, and thanks for letting me share! Blessings. Kassey

        • Chris says:

          You’re welcome, Kassey. Please feel free to share your input anytime.

          Many Christian churches don’t discuss the subject of origins. My assumption would be, therefore, that they, like the Catholic Church, take no official position on the issue. I think it is an important topic and, as you can see by the three posts that I’ve shared with Manny, I have studied the subject a bit.

          I understand the quote from DAS. At the same time, I think the original Hebrew is clear. The first verse of the Bible says that “God created the heaven and the earth.” How He went about doing it is where the big conflict occurs. The Bible describes 6 days. I believe they were literal 24 hour days. The Bible specifically explains what happened on each day. I know that others disagree and I may be viewed as a simpleton. How folks analyze me is not my concern. I am only after the truth.

          I am in complete agreement with the statement that we should “leave this question for science to determine.” I think the Bible and true science fit beautifully. More evidence, fitting the young earth position, is becoming available. Icr.org is an excellent source of information.

          Your comment makes perfectly good sense. I have yet to meet a Christian who agrees on every point, and it seems like you haven’t quite come to a conclusion on this issue. I would be the first to tell you that I don’t know it all, but I have my leanings also.

          I think my leanings are obvious in this post. Thank you for sharing yours.

          God’s blessings…

          By the way, I like the new tag. “Ponder Anew” fits you well.

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