I look Up to God

Another sign of the times from Delight in Truth’s blog…

Delight in Truth

Erin Shead Assignment About God

The class assignment at Lucy Elementary in Millington, Tennessee  was to write about an idol.

Erin Shead is a 10-year-old Christian who picked God as her model and proceeded with the above project.  She wrote:

“He will always be the #1 Person I look up to”

“I look up to Him because He put me on this earth”

“I love Him, and Jesus is His earthly Son.  I also love Jesus”

Delight in Truth is very proud of this young Christian who knows correct doctrine and is not ashamed of it in a world which is unfriendly to Christians.

How unfriendly, you ask?

Her paper was rejected by the teacher. Erin was told that she is prohibited to choose God for her assignment, and to take the paper off school property.  I would not have been surprised at all if this happened in communist Romania where atheism was the law…

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2 Responses to I look Up to God

  1. Ponder Anew says:

    Hi Chris, I can only think of, “Let the children come to Me, and do not prevent them; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matt. 19:14 NAB

    Didn’t Jesus also say something like it is better for a millstone to be around one’s neck than to offend these little ones….

    blessings, Kassey

    • Chris says:

      He certainly did, Kassey.

      These same verses are quoted by one of the comments on Delight in Truth’s blog.

      I certainly wouldn’t want to answer to God for telling this young lady that what she did was “inappropriate.”

      What she did was a brave thing, IMO. There are fewer like her these days who are being brought up in the “fear” (reverence and respect) of the Lord.

      May God bless this young girl and her family.

      Have a great weekend and God’s blessings…

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