Eugene Lukjanenko is in Prison

Eugene is a loving father trying to do a good job of raising his son and his “reward” is eight months of prison in England.  I guess he’s similar to John Bunyan of The Pilgrim’s Progress in that regard.

Both men wound up in English prisons for moral convictions.  Mr. Bunyan wouldn’t stop his open air preaching and Mr. Lukjanenko cannot live comfortably after his son was stolen from him by the British S.S. (Social services).

It is an amazing though not uncommon story these days.  One of the reasons Eugene’s son was taken from him the second time (yes, there was a first time and his son was returned) is that Eugene’s Father was imprisoned in a concentration camp in WWII.


The reason he is in prison now is because Eugene continued to try and make his case via social media and the English judge wouldn’t tolerate that any longer.

I guess the judge is trying to quiet this man.  As I see it, the judge will fail in this endeavor as I have been watching the well known Russian pianist make his case for months now.

He has been threatened with prison many times because he has done everything legally possible to see his son.  And there was that time he climbed on the roof of some “important” building to share his story via his mighty bullhorn.  I give him bonus points for creativity, that’s for sure.

I’ve lost track of how many hunger strikes Eugene has been on.

Eugene is aware of the effects social media had on a similar case in Norway.  The case got publicity around the world and the family was finally reunited and has fled Norway to be able to raise their children in peace.  Social media had a huge impact on spreading that story and Eugene hopes his case will get the same kind of attention.  The Norwegian “Child Protective Services” attempted to split up a very nice family, the Bodnarius, completely.  Each child was to be sent to live in a different foster home.  If you live in Norway (and apparently the U.K.), the threat of having your child taken from you for little reason is something many citizens fear.  Parents from Norway have been living under this fear of such inhumanity for years. How do I know this? I know this because they’ve told me.

In case you didn’t know, this problem is a common occurrence in the U.K., Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and the U.S. to name a few.  Where I live in the U.S, reunification is usually the goal when a parent is separated from a child by the Child Protective Services.  Sadly, this is not always the case in all of America.  Americans seem to have better chances of getting their child back if they follow all requests of them, however, than the countries I’ve listed.  It is a very sad situation.

I have sent Eugene two emails.  My guess is, because so many know of his case now, that he is getting a good amount of mail.  I will put a link at the bottom of this post if anyone wants to communicate with Eugene.

The above video, in it’s original form, was part of the reason Eugene’s son was taken a second time. All one can see of Eugene’s son is him playing the piano a bit.

If you wish to know more about this situation, you can click on the link at the top of this page called “Recent Accounts of Children Taken” where I’m following three tragic stories. If you scroll down, you will see that Eugene’s is the second situation I am following. Or, if you have facebook, you can check out Eugene’s FB page. Just type his name in the FB search as it appears in the title above.

To send Eugene an email, this site is the one I’m using and it seems to be working ok for now:

Emails cost 40p and you need to add £5 minimum on the account. Its very easy to set up and all you need is his name and prison number.

If you want to send a note to encourage Eugene Lukjanenko, all you need is:

1) His name
2) His prisoner number which is A6309EC
3) The prison (which is on a scroll down). It is ELMLEY.

If nothing else, please keep Eugene and his son in your prayers.

Chris Reimers

For those of you who think I have an active imagination or that you aren’t getting the full story here, please read this recent article about the UK which was shared to this post by Professor Marianne H. Skanland:

Corrupt practices disguised as child-welfare campaigns

34 Responses to Eugene Lukjanenko is in Prison

  1. Please be brave Mr. Eugene.
    Many follows you and support you, and never stops the fight against those criminals.

  2. This brand new article by Christopher Booker, senior journalist in The Telegraph:
    “Corrupt practices disguised as child-welfare campaigns”
    2 December 2017

    gives a lot of information about the CPS situation in Britain, so I hope it can give a morsel of help to people inclined to disbelieve Eugene’s story, thinking it “can’t possibly be like that”. The thing is, I always think, that we should NOT direct our thoughts primarily in the direction the CPS always try to make us do: looking for faults in the parents (the idea “There must have been something terrible they have done and which they keep hidden since their children were taken”.) The vital thing is that here we have social “services”, public organisations run by the states, with complete authority and power over people’s lives, and with scant understanding or respect for children’s deep emotional need to be with their parents. The CPS are the ones to be scrutinised, about what they do most of all to CHILDREN. To parents also, but first and foremost to children. Whatever parents might have done it does not excuse the way the CPS act.

    I am particularly glad of Booker’s article because it sets out in detail the sort of thing we are used to in Norway as well, and which I have also written about being bad in Britain. The truth of the situation receives further confirmation the more people from different countries write about it, and independently.


    Translations of two articles about a recent Czech documentary re Norwegian Barnevern (these two writers I know personally, they are nevertheless not my “parrots” in any way!):

    Jan Pedersen:
    “Children of the state – The Norwegian child protection agency, Barnevernet, har created a society of fear”
    27 November 2017

    Jan Simonsen:
    ” ‘Children of the state’ – Czech documentary with critical spotlight on Norwegian child protection”
    4 December 2017

    • Chris says:

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Marianne.

      I look forward to reading the article you’ve posted by Mr. Booker along with the other two (if I find that I haven’t seen them before).

      “The truth of the situation receives further confirmation the more people from different countries write about it, and independently.”

      I am so thankful for this. The more honest exposure this subject gets the better chance that those effected will have of being freed from this evil.

      I hope you have a blessed day…

  3. SLIMJIM says:

    Wow I’m praying for Eugene; what an outrage

  4. Yolande Kenward says:

    I am a witness to the fact that Eugene Lubjanenko is a child abuser and he is involved in a Russian Political hoax. 3 days after Russia (Inin Vadim) released the documentary “Forced Adoption UK” Eugene swung into action to get his 12 year-old Thai son back into care via his 3 calls to the UK Emergency Services – there are rich paedophiles who he is working for – who paid to view such filth as fathers raping children. Laura Tucker is a paedophile sympathiser as Is Eugene Lubjanenko – let the police continue their investigations into paedophile sympathisers Lubjanenko and Tucker unless you are a paedophile/child abuser sympathiser like these 2 scumbags

    • Chris says:

      Eugene is working for rich pedophile sympathizers? Laura Tucker, the kind Christian lady I have come to know know is a pedophile sympathizer? Please present your evidence for such claims Yolande, or be guilty of defamation of character.
      Your comment is confusing. You seem to be saying that the same Eugene who has fought for months to retain his child has caused his son to be put back into care.
      Many like me are wondering if some of the children taken into care do end up sexually abused. There are many such cases that have been documented.
      Your comment here is outrageous. You will be hard pressed to prove these allegations and if you can’t I’m only leaving this on my blog for others to see a sample of what Eugene has had to deal with since he started his protesting.

  5. Yolande Kenward says:

    Please read the Daily Telegraph article about child abuser Lubjanenko and the Bailii judgments. I refused in November and December 2015 to do his appeal – I gave my time freely to help him but in order to do this appeal Eugene had to let me have access to documents that he had been with-holding from me. I refused to do his appeal at all and for free – this is because Eugene showed no remorse for the years of harm that he had inflicted on this Thai boy. I will bring all you child abuse sympathisers to the attention of the police as you have zero respect for the suffering of this Thai boy now 15 – you merely support the right of parents to hurt and abuse children and show no remorse.

    • Chris says:

      Years of harm? I’ve had to improve my ability at spotting propaganda the past few years and this has all the earmarks. Show your evidence or be gone for good.

      • Is there any awareness of Eugene’s plight in the local area? Have there been any articles or news items in the Medway press and media?
        Dennis Whiting (Herne Bay)

        • Chris says:

          That is a very good question, Dennis. I know that people showed up for his demonstrations before they put him in prison. As far as I know, the media has been pathetic. I think if he was in America he would have quite a following and more help but that is only speculation. You may be aware that people all over the world are following his case. I think he is getting a good deal of mail.
          You have me curious, particularly about the local media, so I will ask my FB friends about this today and try to get you a better answer. There is one media outlet that has recently taken up his case and I think it is British. The reports are quite good but there have only been two that I know of. I think they are only on facebook, but I’ll try and put a link to the latest here.

          Thank you for your interest. If you are on Facebook, you can get a better handle on this story. Just type Eugene Lukjanenko in the search for people.

          I hope to have a better answer for you later in the day. I know that people have gone to England from other countries to help Eugene in his protests. The numbers of folks like these are few but it is always impressive that someone would travel that far to help a person in need.

        • Chris says:

          I don’t really have a clear idea of what is going on locally. I will try and learn more about this. Laura Tucker is very knowledgeable about Eugene’s case and has been there to visit him once. Here are a few of her comments:

          ” I don’t really know about locally. The day I was there in November, there was yet another group doing a documentary on him. Here is something local from a year ago:…/

          Also: “I also know for a fact that Ann Domeney is under official investigation for conflict of interest.” Ms. Domeney is the local CPS official directly responsible for Eugene’s case.

          The media coverage there has been awful. Here is the best of the second bit of attention from this source. They have done a very good job here:

          (Eugene’s was the top story here!)

          Here is a recent article. As far as I know, there have been few of these.

          Despite the dismal media attention, as Eugene grows weaker in prison the interest appears to be growing. A group of Christians has formed online to pray for Eugene. People can choose which day they wish to pray. Our prayer is that Eugene survives his prison stay and God provides for all of his needs in his quest to see that justice is done in his case. My understanding is that his son will not speak poorly of his father no matter how hard others have tried to influence him. Our hope is that they will be reunited soon.

          Eugene stood alone for many days, with his bullhorn, on the streets of England in an attempt to draw attention to his case. His gift, the ability to play the piano wonderfully, is not being used. His love for his son is more important to him than anything.

          I respect this man.

          • Yolande Kenward says:

            Gerrish of the UK Column attended the High Court for my hearing against Kent Police on 10.6.2008 – it was dealing with the banking crash and what I had witnessed more than 2 months before the avoidable run on the Northern Rock – Gerrish is part of the cover-up; when decisions were made to protect all negatively implicated by working with Russia who want the EU broken up, which us leaving the EU helps. Brexit was decided in 2008 – a Lt Col in the Russian KGB was given 64% of the shares in the London Evening Standard on 12.1.2009 and then took over the Independent UK & South Africa on 25.3.2010 – the General Election in 2010 was rigged to get the Tories & LibDems back into power – some of those who behaved irresponsibly before the run on the Northern Rock were Jewish at the Daily Mail and owned the Express ….. there was an added problem that some involved where part of the Operation Ore fat cat business network of 400 who paid to view such filth as fathers raping children. Gerrish protects those negatively implicated … so we have just had the Daily Mail, the Carlisle News & Star & the UK Column knowingly putting out fake news about Eugene – who I have known since 2012 – I fully understand the Russian propaganda documentary “Forced Adoption UK” starring Eugene and his Thai son who was never at any risk of being adopted as he first went into care when he was 9 years 9 months old. It was the political invention of a Russian/Latvian Jewish MEP, Tatjana Zdanoko who got the Thai boy given back to Eugene. I have known Eugene since 2012, because children are my main priority I refused to do his Medway County Court appeal in December 2015 …. I was there when he put his son back into care. We got an email from Inin Vadim in Russia that the documentary made by Russians who flew into London in January 2015 was being released; these Russians came to my home …where I had parents waiting to be interviewed, I arranged a demonstration for them to film the next day outside the Royal Courts of Justice … 3 days after the documentary was released in March 2015 Eugene started the process of putting the Thai boy back in care …. he made a series of 999 calls – 4 in total – until in April 2015 they took the boy back into care – he was told that he needed to change his aggressive autocratic parenting style – he refused VIG Counselling linked to contact sessions to help facilitate this – 8 months after deliberately putting the Thai boy back into care Eugene still had not apologised to the boy for what he had done to him and was refusing to do the one course that would get him what he said he most wanted ie to be re-united with the boy. I know parents who have done 64 courses and they do not get their child back – Eugene was asked – quite rightly – to do just one course – ie whereby a contact session is recorded and played back to demonstrate inappropriate language and behaviour. 25 months after I refused to do Eugene’s appeal and said that I would do no more until he proved that he loved his son enough to say sorry and pursue the course …. we are still in the same position as 25 months ago Eugene does not love the 15 year-old boy enough to do just one course to get what he says that he most wants. Just look at the Daily Mail – nothing but holocaust articles – why? Because last year’s terrorist attacks were all avoidable – the Daily Mail/Kent Police/KCC blocked my Brexit challenge – whilst theirs went all the way to the Supreme Court – they did not want child protection overhauled or any scandal involving any Jew ever to come out – they wanted only evil muslim stories. On 31.8.2017 I paid to re-open my Brexit challenge with a serious case review, as per my email 2 days after the Manchester bombing. The response was for the Daily Mail to break the news about John Hemming & Esther Baker on 5.9.2017 whilst Eugene climbed onto the roof of Medway Council all day waiting for a Hastings LibDem to get him down, the next morning Eugene put a hate video onto youtube about me …. its not rocket science ….he calls me YolandA – a name last used by my freemason husband who is on the Operation Ore list when we lived together in 1980. This post is about fake and distraction news, how long are you all going to pretend that that a particularly bad father is akin to a saint? Eugene is involved in helping politicians – he got free legal help from James Carter of Martin Tolhurst solicitors – his brother is Paul Carter leader of KCC whose son is married to my daughter, James Carter drew up a Pre-Nup before my daughter married into the Carters. Paul Carter had me sectioned to stop my Brexit challenge.

            • Chris says:

              “…how long are you all going to pretend that that a particularly bad father is akin to a saint?”

              Eugene will continue to get support unless someone can show, in a sensible way, that Eugene’s motives are not what they appear to be. So far you have given no evidence for anyone to believe otherwise and you have wasted space except to display part of what Eugene has had to deal with these past many months. As far as I can tell, you are alone in this type of accusation.

              I try and treat all who come here with respect. How am I to understand all that you have written here or how it all relates to the rest? If you are going to make any type of case against Eugene how about sharing the hate video that you have referred to here and then explaining just what Eugene has done wrong.

              If you are able to do so, please start a new thread as this one is getting thin.

  6. In what Chris writes, and elsewhere, Eugene’s name is spelled Lukjanenko. Ms Kenward writes of someone she calls Lubjanenko. Is this indicative of her general attention to facts and details?

    • Chris says:

      Very good point, Marianne. When making such horrid claims one would think the person being accused would have their name spelled correctly.
      A few things in the statements indicate that it is the same Eugene. But, the majority of both comments are serious lies as far as I can tell.

  7. Mannyr says:

    The entire incident smacks of Satan’s work. The dark side has always found ways to ruin children’s lives, it seems like they have built a large network of sick people who ruin lives of parents and children. Since when has the “State” been designated as overlords of children’s lives vs. parental rights.
    We as Christians know the un-saved will lie just like their dad. The world must be awakened to this disgusting abuse, we must continue to pray and point out the lies.

    • Chris says:

      Well put, Manny, and I’m so glad to see that you commented.

      As you know, I agree with your words here completely. Also, as you know, our Bibles say that Satan likes to kill, steal, and destroy. It is not surprising to me that demonic activity has been described to me by someone in Norway whom I don’t even think is a Christian.
      We must continue to pray as you have stated.

      Also, I saw that you have a recent post up about Mormonism. I still can’t comment on other wordpress sites for some strange reason. I wrote a lengthy note on someones blog today and it disappeared into cyberspace. I will contact wordpress to see if they have an answer for me as to why this is happening.
      Please know that I am continuing to read your blog. A post that I put up some time about the Mormons continues to show up in my top ten occasionally.
      God’s blessings my friend…
      And continue the good work that you are doing…please!

      • Mannyr says:

        i hope wordpress can find answers to the troubling posting problem. Thanks for being a friend.

        • Chris says:

          You’re welcome, Manny. I think your blog was the first I put on my blog roll. I still haven’t had the time to get in touch with WordPress. My Mom is on hospice and I’m her caretaker most of the time. If that isn’t enough, I won’t tell you the other things going on. I’m hoping to contact WP sometime during the holidays.
          God’s blessings my friend. It is so cool to have fellowship like we have online. 🙂

  8. Yolande Kenward says:

    If any of you were a Christian and had any sense of decency about you, then you would put yourself in the boy;s shoes – and my shoes and the Mums for whom I am their lay legal adviser – you would despise the way that Eugene has treated me and them, you would despise the health problems we have as a result of hate crime. I did not ask Eugene to launch vile unprovoked attacks on me and my supporters, and to motivate others to do the same – to cover up for avoidable deaths and injuries of children – including the Thai boy. The suffering of this boy has been horrendous, none of you by pampering to a child abuser have any thought about the child’s need to heal – for Eugene to show the slightest remorse for the disgusting things that he has done – for Eugene to say sorry to the child.

    • Chris says:

      You are back, Yolande.

      I’m not surprised really. You are a good illustration.

      You have given no specifics, just serious allegations.

      Can you back up your statements with any evidence?

      So far you have connected Eugene and Laura to pedophilia.

      You accuse me of being a “child abuse sympathizer.”

      Go ahead and pay to have my criminal record checked since you say you are a legal adviser.

      Since you mentioned Christianity you may know that one of the commandments is “Thou shalt not bear false witness.”

      Why would you need supporters? What are Eugene’s vile attacks?

      Until you can share documented facts, you are nothing but dirty dust in the wind.

      I could easily delete your comments. Thus far, I have left them all up. I notice your comments are coming from the U.K. This only makes your statements more diabolical in my mind.

      • I agree, Ms Kenward seems to think that readers on this blog should believe whatever allegations and accusations she writes against Lukjanenko without her giving any evidence, any verification, and without us knowing anything about her except the impression of her one gets from what she reels off against us all.
        Britain is in a bad way, Chris, as described in Christopher Booker’s article which you put in a link to at the bottom of the article heading this thread. The sex hysteria – believing, without evidence and even AGAINST evidence, that abuse and paedophilia are rampant everywhere – is back up where it was thirty years ago, with all the tragedies of destroyed lives it created then. We see it here in Norway too. Children are NOT helped by mud-slinging or by jailing all and sundry, just by patient, dependable investigation.

        • Chris says:

          Well stated, Marianne.

          Whatever happened to dependable investigation? It is not only a local problem in many areas, so many countries are having huge problems with it at the highest levels of government. It is becoming quite obvious that Britain is no exception.

          I appreciate what you have stated about us knowing nothing about this person. You would think that that alone would make her see the futility of making comments like this. They remind me of a fellow you and I got to know over on Delight In Truth’s blog, Knut. Even though he was a worker at the Norwegian Child Welfare Services (Barnevernet) it is obvious to me that he was either a propagandist or someone trying to justify what his employer was doing. I lean to the propagandist side quite heavily. It is bad enough that we have to think of the crimes being committed daily against innocent humans but thank the good Lord prayer does help. Having to deal with this stuff is ridiculous but it only strengthens our case. I do have an email location for this person but do you think I’m going to bother to send anything? It is a waste of time and effort to bother with her.

          I always appreciate your comments and anyone who wants evidence for what we have been writing about, you for decades, should click on the link to the article you mentioned (which you alerted me to I wish everyone to know) at the bottom of this post.

          Always a blessing to hear from you.

  9. Yolande Kenward says:

    Butlincat is a friend of Eugene Lukjanenko’s legal, Backii Gaffney who is a pole/podium dancer and works in Flutterbyes shop. Both Lukjanenko & Gaffney defamed me on youtube on behalf of those in trouble due to what happened after my Brexit legal challenge was sabotaged. Butlincat aka John Graham has defamed on this site, he is a liar. Everything I have said about Eugene Lukjanenko is widely known now to be 100% the truth. I have emailed Lukjanenko in Elmley Prison asking him for damages for defamation, which I will be pursuing when he is released from prison.

    • Chris says:

      Because you have left several strange comments here, Yolande, I have done a bit of research on you. Very good sources say that you go by several names and that I should block you and not pay you any mind. You have bothered quite a few people it seems. I allowed this comment to let you know that this is how you are seen by others who are very involved in this issue.
      I would appreciate it if you would refrain from commenting here. Eugene has lost almost everything trying to get his son back. I don’t think you are going to be very successful receiving any damages from him.

  10. Eugene Lukjanenko says:

    Dear friends! Thank you so much for your ongoing support,!
    I was released on the 23 of March. I got my demands partly met, due to my hunger strike. I would commend highly Elmley prison officials who did their best to facilitate my son visiting me in prison and negotiationg with Medway,. So prison officials act as human rights protectors, they simply could not understand why I was imprisoned. I need to be confidential as process not finished yet- you know me and my son,s aim is to be reunited.I need now to face consequencies of hunger strike – several medical tests show my body is down. Long term consequencies are not clear.

    I could definitely survive only with G-D s help.

    I have read with as disgust outrageous “comments” of someone whose name is not clear for me- Yolande? The truth is that this person is seriously mentally ill – she even accused me in conspiring to take Prime Minister residence by force! She was sectioned several times. her illness is clearly progressing, i reported her to police, but it appeared she is well – known in there and was sectioned several times. I would advice her to visit GP and revise her medication.She does not worth to get any attention.
    I saw my son recently and we were both very happy.
    My gratitude to all ! Thank you , my dear friends!

    • Chris says:

      You are welcome, Eugene. I’m sure I speak for my readers as well as myself when I tell you that you have been in our prayers.
      I am going to post this as a new post so that my readers are aware that you are out if jail if they don’t already know.
      I am way past the time I should have posted this information but I am very busy taking care of my elderly mother and my blogging time is limited for the time being.
      You are so kind to leave a message here, Eugene.
      Thank you for the information you have shared with us. I was so curious as to how things were going in prison. I hope you received my emails.
      If you saw my last comment to Yolande, I asked her to leave no more comments here as I did some research and found that she was bothering many.
      I am so glad that you saw your son recently. We hope and pray that you will soon be reunited.

      God’s blessings to you and your son, Eugene.

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