Strange Fire – The African Import of Charismatic Chaos – Conrad Mbewe

I listened to this message with a group of Christian friends last night. I had never heard Pastor Mbewe’s speak before. The part that I heard left the impression that the man tells it like it is. I would like to thank Narrowing path for reblogging this from The Cripplegate blog.

The Narrowing Path

From The Cripplegate blog, a transcript of Pastor Mbewe’s talk at the Strange Fire Conference…thanks Mike, what a fantastic effort!

For those who are unable to view the free live stream of the Strange Fire Conference here at Grace Community Church, I thought I would do my best to provide a written summary of the various sessions as they unfold (Session One; Session Two; Session Three). I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to keep this up, or if I’ll be able to other sessions (check out Tim Challie’s blog for his coverage) But I thought a little would be better than nothing. It provides us with a helpful opportunity to interact with what is actually being said at the conference. Having said that, the following was…

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