Photo by girolame

Photo by girolame


It’s so nice to be in contact with Barbara Anable once again.  She sent me this and I had to put it up.  As Barbara said: “This is an amazing and beautiful video!”  How can one watch this and not think of our wonderful Creator God.

This video made me think of THIS ARTICLE CALLED “Secrets from the Most Distant Galaxy.”

Enjoy both.


Photo from icr.org

Photo from icr.org

4 Responses to SPEED RIDING

    • Chris says:

      I saw that You had won an award, Kassey. Thank you for nominating me. As I only have room for one more post this month, It’ll probably have something to do with Thanksgiving. If I can remember, I’ll put it up next month. I hope is well. I continue to pray for Change Point.

      God’s blessings…

      • Ponder Anew says:

        you’re welcome Chris. I have so little time to blog myself these days.. I’m surprised I received this one, too. things are well, we pray for you too Chris.

        blessings and have a good Thanksgiving..

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