I am in a current personal study about the Pre-Wrath view of the rapture. This is one of the videos I’ve come across in my search for the truth. No matter what your view may be about the day in which we live and how God’s “end of days” timetable will pan out, I think you may agree that we are living in a time of lawlessness. In my lifetime, and where I live, this lawlessness is unprecedented.

I encourage you to stay close the truths of God’s Word. The chains of manmade religion need to be discarded, and God’s Word needs to be understood. My favorite Bible verse for most of my life has been, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness…” I’ll admit my sinfulness as this has not always been my priority. This personal fault doesn’t negate the truth of the promise God has given us. If we seek the truth, we will find it.

As a substitute school teacher, I can relate to this man’s substituting experience. It’s obvious, however, that I have been in better schools than he.

I have watched Charles Cooper’s teaching series and have been impressed with this man’s ability to articulate his position and his knowledge of the scriptures. His question at the end, “Are you ready?” is, I believe, as important today as ever.


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