Cristian Ionescu: 16th OF APRIL, 2016, A DAY FOR THE HISTORY BOOKS

If you want to see worldwide pictures of the Norway protest, rodi’s blog is the place to go. You may not know the Romanian language but pictures speak. Here is one of rodi’s english articles. It talks about a people who understand oppression, the people of Romania. They strike me as a sturdy, humble, and generally God fearing people. I am blessed to know some of them.

agnus dei - english + romanian blog

cristian ionescu

This is going to be a classic example of a people with a destiny! Romania is one of the most disadvantaged countries in recorded history. Geographically located at the crossroads between great, aggressive, conquering empires, our country was always paying a high price for that prime location! It was hard to survive there!

It was exhausting just to think about it: from New Zeeland and Australia, across Europe, over the ocean, from coast to coast in North America, closing the circle in Hawaii!

Dozens of cities, tens of thousands of protesters, all with one cause: reunite the Bodnariu children, address the many abuses committed by Barnevernet of Norway against families, Romanians and many other nationalities!

It is true, many in the media are still reluctant to embrace the cause. Not yet, anyway! But, I believe, History will!

This is going to be a classic example of a people with a…

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