Russian Officials Speculate That a Nuclear War Could Leave Romania a “Smoking Ruins”

Ibanesti village, Botosani, Romania Photo by Costel Slincu

Ibanesti village, Botosani, Romania
Photo by Costel Slincu

Russian officials in a report on Thursday speculated that a nuclear war could leave Romania a “smoking ruins” just as Britain said it intercepted several Russian transports that refused to identify themselves as they approached the Baltic States.


In so many ways, the current U.S. administration is responsible for this statement. Its saber rattling and concurrent acts of weakness have encouraged the Russians to make all sorts of threats.

I have many new Romanian friends. I think this statement is just Putin at his “best.” They are only words, yet dangerous ones. Would we protect Romania if Russia did something there? It is hard to say “yes” when we won’t even protect our own military personal on a U.S. destroyer as it was “buzzed” continually by Russian jets. One came within 30 feet of one of our ships. I’m sure the pilot had no intention of getting that close, but mistakes happen. A Russian jet hits a U.S. destroyer and then what? I don’t think Mr. Obama will do anything that would be taken seriously if any of our “allies” are attacked by Russia. Putin has no respect for him. I hope that Mr. Obama will stop his saber rattling. It could cause a war.


Greg Hunter mentioned this story in his Weekly Update from yesterday. This is where I first heard of this news. It greatly upset me until I realized it was only just words (hopefully). Also, Russia’s economy isn’t prepared to handle any kind of war at the moment, but the same could have been said of Germany before WWII. I don’t think Putin can whip up his folks like Hitler did to his, however.

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