The Bill Nye – Ken Ham Debate ~ My Take On Their Views About Science

I haven’t posted anything on this debate, which I heard live. I think Heavenly Raindrops summarizes my thoughts well. She believes, like I do, that God’s Word is true.

Heavenly Raindrops

I hope that you were all able to watch the debate Tuesday night.  It was both lively and insightful.  More than anything, it confirmed what I had already heard about Bill Nye, that he is unabashedly convinced of an evolutionary origin of life.

Although I don’t share his views, I do applaud Mr. Nye’s willingness to take part.  As to the winner, I suppose it all depends.

To those of us certain that life began by our Creator, we know that Ken Ham did exceptionally well at defending that position.  Since creation was a supernatural event, it is humanly impossible for anyone to prove, but Mr. Ham made excellent points about how the fingerprints of creation are everywhere.  I get a good mental picture of Christ standing up after Mr. Ham’s presentation and applauding him. 

To those siding with a Darwinian mindset, you are likely as pleased about how Mr…

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2 Responses to The Bill Nye – Ken Ham Debate ~ My Take On Their Views About Science

  1. Mannyr says:

    Yes! I believe God’s Word is true and eternal. I often see an image of a man holding up a fist and shaking it at God with this wordage: “I got it, this fits my thoughts and beliefs.”

    It is sad to see intelligent people who can’t get past their walls of unbelief.

    • Chris says:

      So many shake their fists at God as you have written, Manny.

      The Bible is pretty clear: “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” I’ve been on a creation/evolution debate site where an evolutionist claimed that a large percentage of creationists are ignorant. After the men shown in Mr. Hamm’s presentation, it is obvious that many with high degrees are creationists.

      Always a blessing to “hear” from you my friend…

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