Beaten and Raped Children in Norwegian Institutions – Barnevernet Remains Silent

Photo from Valeria's Blog Dumnezeu e în control

Photo from Valeria’s Blog
Dumnezeu e în control

Valeria Iancu has re-blogged more than one recent post from this blog. Her blog is for Romanians and most of her posts are in that language. Many of her readers can read both languages, however, and she will put up an English post if it is important. I found this on Valeria’s blog today. Her blog is called: “Dumnezeu e în control” which means: “God is in Control.”

I would like to thank Mr. Tomas Zdechovsky and Valeria for publishing this information. “Tomáš Zdechovský is Czech politician, crisis manager, media analyst, poet and author.”

Dumnezeu e în control

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