nadia-and-caspian-9-06-2016NADIA AND CASPIAN ARE TO BE REUNITED. The decision has been made at the Fylkesnemnda. Today, Nadia’s lawyer informed her that she has won the case and that Caspian will be coming home. As more details about the case become available, Nadia will release more information.


Nadia is overjoyed as you can imagine. She is so thankful to everyone for their prayers and thoughts. Nadia has already received hundreds of messages from people who have helped her with their prayers and moral support. She will be sharing new pictures of her with her son as soon as she is able.


Wow. What can I say? This is such wonderful news. I am thankful to God for the many blessings He gives me each day. To come home from work and hear this news, makes this one of the best days I have had in a long time. I would like to thank everyone who prayed and who supported Nadia in any way. There are so many names of people who have been so supportive of Nadia that I don’t know where to start. If you want to see their names, You can go to her Facebook page to see many of them.

It looks like I will be wrapping up this story soon. I will probably put up some of the details that I learn about the decision or anything else that Nadia want’s me to share here. As time allows, I will share more personal thoughts about this story and about Norway’s Barnevernet. I am still sorting those thoughts out. I am so happy that she can now say, “Finally some fantastic news.”

God’s blessings…

Chris Reimers
Nadia and Caspian 8 26 2016

Visitation July 2016

Visitation July 2016

Nadia and Caspian Visitation  August, 2016

Nadia and Caspian
August, 2016

Caspian and Nadia

Caspian and Nadia


  1. Barbara says:

    Amazing. Thank you for the followthrough!!!!

    • Chris says:

      It is being called a miracle by some, Barbara. Thank you for your prayers and you are welcome for the bit that I did to share this with you.

    • God has surely heard and answered all our prayers. She will continue to be in my prayers until they are actually reunited. I pay also for the Lord to bless her and Caspian all the days of their lives.

      • Chris says:

        Indeed, Gloria, our prayers have been answered. You are so kind to pray for Caspian and Nadia. They will appreciate any prayers as their lives move forward. 🙂

  2. Cristina says:

    This is fantastic news and all day I was overjoyed for her and Caspian. 😊 Looking forward to the next topic but thank you for diligently covering this difficult story and keeping us all informed, great job Chris and God bless you abundantly. 😊

    • Chris says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Cristina. I know that you have been praying a great deal about this case. I wish you God’s blessings as well. I know we’ll keep in touch! 🙂

  3. Jasper says:

    Great news! Thanks to God,

    It could still worth to share interestring parts from the final document by Fylkesnemnda, once the document is delivered…

  4. SLIMJIM says:

    Praise be to God!!!!!!

  5. Maria, a gentle iconoclast says:

    Praise God! I’m so happy for them, and for you too, Chris.

    • Chris says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Maria. 🙂 I’ve been told by a good source that the transition of Caspian coming home will take about a week. Nadia has visitation today. Then she will wait until sometime next week to be reunited with her son.

      I am thankful to God for this answer to prayer!!! Words like yours are like a cherry on top of the cake!

      • Maria, a gentle iconoclast says:

        Thank you for your kindness, Chris! As a young Mom she will continue to need prayer.

        • Chris says:

          You’re welcome, Maria.

          Yes, she will definitely need continued prayers. I’m not sure how much longer I will need to post updates but I will make sure there is an occasional post keeping everyone up to date on Nadia and Caspian. 🙂 Thank you for your concern about this family. Your prayers are very much appreciated!

  6. songsalieri says:

    Glory to God, this baby is finally going to be where he belongs!
    Chris, I thank you from the bottom of my Momma heart for helping see this through. If not for you, I would not have even known to pray. Its a great blessing to open up my mail and see this answer to prayer, just as it has been to know how people have been praying and keeping an eye on things.
    Blessings upon all for continued protection and healing from the wounds this has caused.
    I have been separated from my babies and know that even a short time is rough, I was lost the 1st time I went grocery shopping without my 1st child, my heart went out to this Mom not knowing when she would get to see her baby. He needs to be in her arms every day!
    I pray good health and no interference for them both and Grandma so they can spend much time catching up on happy time.
    Too excited!! Praise God!!!

    • Chris says:

      Hi songsalieri.

      Amen! to your “Glory to God.” I’m glad that you learned about Nadia and Caspian through this blog. You are welcome and it has been my pleasure to follow their story (except for the parts that were difficult to write about).

      Thank you for your very kind words. Indeed, Caspian should be in Nadia’s arms every day. Thank you for your continued prayers. I am excited with you!

      God’s blessings…

  7. Article in Dagbladet, heading:

    “Vant mot barnevernet i fylkesnemnda
    Ble fratatt baby etter en måned på flukt fra politi og barnevern: Nå får hun sønnen tilbake”
    (Won against Barnevernet in the County Committee
    Was deprived of baby after a month’s flight from police and Barnevern: Now she is getting her son back)

  8. Chris says:

    Thank you for this link, Marianne. 🙂

    I just finished translating this article using Google translate. Someone else had given me this same link and I read this news before I saw your link here.

    There are few good things about the article but, honestly, I think this is another article that shows that this media source is willing to make Nadia look like some sort of criminal.

    She is on the run from the police and a “network” of some type is helping her. Maybe this “network” exists. If it does, I am not aware of it. The comment from Ms. Horne is speculative at best. I will change my mind if someone can prove to me that such a network exists.

    Thankfully, the article does include good information about Caspian’s health. It also gives a few truthful words about Nadia.

    I don’t really like the headline. I can’t remember everything about the last article the Dagbladet published, but this may be a little better if at all.

    Nadia and Caspian’s names are left out. If I didn’t know the dates in the article, this could easily have been a different Mother and Son.

    This is all just my opinion, of course. Maybe something was lost in the Google translation or maybe I missed something.

    Does anyone think I am being too critical?

  9. Mechthild says:

    Yes, it’s a miracle. I read the article in Dagbladet:

    There are two astonishing things: Fylkesnemnda says that there ARE risk factors, such as Nadia’s upbringing, and former drug misuse, BUT that she has changed substantially the last year. Plus the positive reports from the visitations. I do not know of many other cases where fylkesnemnda openly refutes risk factors (but then I don’t have overview). These factors are a kind of holy cow.

    Even more astonishing is that Margaret Hennum, the one that Nadia fleed to from the family centre, was heard in her function as caretaker. Taking one’s children from family centres and other places of care, has up to now, ALWAYS been called kidnapping.. And people that are openly critical of barnevernet and witness for their acquantances, are seldom heard in court, the rumours say. And now fylkesnemnda even advocates Margaret Hennum as the place to stay for the next weeks or months! That is unheard of.
    And barnevernet does not even appeal to court!
    Finally they did not fear to lose their face. In fact, with such decisions, they will regain it.

    Actually, this gives hope to another somewhat similar escape case in Norway. Here, there wasn’t even drugs involved.

    You wonder why Nadia’s and Caspian’s names are not used. That is usual policy in Norwegian newspapers. The parents’ names are sometimes named, but never the child’s. This has privacy reasons. If the child grows up, it may not want all friends to know.

    • Chris says:

      Thank you for your comment, Mechthild.

      I remember you as someone who seems familiar with Norwegian CPS procedures and so I am very interested to know that you think this case is very unique.

      My hope is that it becomes less unique. Good Samaritans like Margaret Hennum and her husband and family should be seen as wonderful examples of the best there is in Norway. I think the Fylkesnemnda was wise to suggest Margaret Hennum’s as the place for Nadia to stay. This is unheard of? I can’t imagine why. Any country would be proud to have citizens like this. If this is unheard of, from what I do know, there is a big problem.

      Thank you for informing me about the usage of names in Norway. It is true that many juveniles are not named in reports In America for the exact same reason you noted in Caspian’s case. As Nadia seemed more happy with the article than I, it may not bother her that her name was not mentioned either. I guess it is not a big thing but I would have thought Nadia’s name would have been used, at least.

      Thank you for your insight. May I ask one question? How long have you been following cases like Nadia’s in Norway?

      I don’t think the two astonishing things should be so astonishing. I am not criticizing your assessment, Mechthild. I’m only saying if you are accurate there are problems with the system, surely. People’s lives can change for the best when they have a good reason to change. I won’t get into my beliefs now, but I think we all have a reason change. I have a reason to change every day. In Nadia’s case, maybe the knowledge that she was pregnant was enough for her to make any changes required to be a good mother. I am only speculating but I don’t think this particular decision should be unique at all given the facts of the case.

      I agree with you that the BV will begin to regain credibility if other cases are handled like this one, at least the way it was handled in the end. How much time, resources, and grief could have been saved had the BV handled the situation at the Hennum’s differently? If there were any concerns about illegal drug use, simple drug tests could have been administered. I have done them myself. They are not difficult.

      If Nadia had been harming Caspian in anyway, I think Margaret would have noticed it and done something about it herself or she would have contacted someone that she thought could help. If Margaret Hennum was seen as a “bad helper,” she could have been interviewed and I think her integrity would have soon been obvious.

      I understand that everyone is happy that Caspian is going home with Nadia. I am very happy, too. Yet, I can’t help thinking that Nadia and Caspian would be well on with there lives had they not been interrupted. The BV could have saved a lot of time and money (including Nadia’s travel expenses from Brandal to Bergen every week) and a mother could have had that time bonding with her child. Local counseling would have been a much easier way to go if necessary. This is just my opinion and I think it would have been a win/win situation for everyone.

      I can’t help but think of my friend Ken Olsen and the American Mother named Amy Jakobsen. From all of the facts I have been able to gather in those two cases, I don’t understand why the parents don’t have their children. I hope these cases are not typical as so many have stated. I will continue to keep my eyes on Norway and look for admirable people like the Hennums.

      • Mechthild says:

        I have been following the topic for six years. I haven’t read individual court papers in detail.
        I have heard rumours that fylkesnemnda and tingretten (the court) have become more critical to barnevernets investigations and measures. However, the official statistics show that barnevernet wins in about 90% of cases, depending on the type of the case, for the last years, up to 2015.
        (see, e.g., this article based on statistics of the court:
        In the cases I know of, parents have won when they played along in some sense, i.e., they changed what needed to be changed, they complained effectively when barnevernet was wrong. The fewest despaired, shocked or righteously enraged parents are up to the task. Their feelings in some sense, trigger barnevernet to continue to investigate, in case some real aggression lies back. It feels humiliating.
        There is a long way to go yet before these parents will be treated with respect or left alone.

        • Chris says:

          You have been following these cases much longer than I, Mechthild. Do you live in Norway? I had heard similar statistics as the one you listed:

          “barnevernet wins in about 90% of cases, depending on the type of the case, for the last years, up to 2015.”

          Again, I hope to check these statistics as soon as possible. If I am not called to work, I will do it today!

          From what I have heard, in the shorter time that I have been looking at this situation, I also have the opinion that “There is a long way to go.”

          Thank you for your comment and God’s blessings…

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