It is, once again, time to share information about worldwide human rights abuses. Back in April, I shared this video featuring children wearing shirts naming real abused Norwegian children. The song was written and performed by Cristian Cazacu. He explains the purpose of the song in a video below.

A modern worldwide movement has begun. The epicenter is the country of Norway.

Norway’s CPS, called the Barnevernet, has such an atrocious record when it comes to separating children from biological parents for little or no reason that cities all over the world held demonstrations earlier this year. Hot Springs, Arkansas was one of those cities. The demonstrations in Norway continue and the issue has made many aware of similar problems in other countries. There has been good news and bad news in Norway since this video was made.

The Good News

A few high profile cases have been won in court, not a common thing in Norway. The people of Norway are becoming more aware of the internal problems and, despite a great amount of pressure, the numbers of protesters is growing.

The Bad News

It appears that new laws are being discussed that will increase the powers of an already frightening and disastrous system. Norwegians continue to be intimidated and scared by a government “Child Protection” service that appears to fear nothing, even condemnation by international human rights groups.


Recently, a local state legislator whom I know discovered a similar problem with Arkansas’ DCFS. Evidence has surfaced in a local case that information was “covered up.” Unlike Norwegian politicians, my local State Senator is confronting the issue.

In a recent FB post, my State Senator wrote:

“The legislature passed laws dictating that DCFS and juvenile courts first try to place children with relatives before foster care. Some DCFS employees and some judges are reluctant to follow that law. They fear that a relative that has not been vetted “might” harm the child. That is a legitimate fear. But why is that more of a fear than that a foster parent may hurt a child? And how about the proven trauma to children when they are completely separated from their entire family and support network?”

He also pointed out how a mother from Los Angeles, California won $3,000,000 in a lawsuit and that similar lawsuits will be started in Arkansas if necessary. The Californian mother’s child had been taken for no good reason like so many cases in Norway.

The Norwegian Barnevernet seldom tries to place children with relatives. In cases that I am aware of, children are split up and never see their siblings again until they are 18 or older. The Barnevernet is not afraid of lawsuits because it has abused its power in many cases over many years without repercussion.

What can be done?

Like my State Senator, Norwegian politicians have to become concerned. My State Senator became concerned because of his Christian convictions and his decency as a human being. Norwegian politicians must know of this problem as their country has become the focus of worldwide attention.

I have tried to remember to contact the Norwegian Prime Minister every so often via her Facebook page. I will try and do this every other day, expressing my concerns, from this day forward. Her name is Ms. Erna Solberg and you can get to her facebook page by clicking HERE.

A Facebook friend of mine has created an excellent blog site with information about how you can contact important authorities in Norway. If enough of us make comments, along with pressure from within Norway, maybe Norwegian leaders will see that a change cannot be avoided.

Here is the website and a big thank you to Mike Snow who has rightly pointed out that, “A few people contacting politicians are only looked at as a nuisance. A thousand people posting and emailing information to them would feel like a Tsunami!”


At this site, you can click on a link to Solveig Horne’s (Minister of Children and Equality, Barnevernet head) Facebook Page.

You can also get to it by clicking HERE.

Together, we can make a difference.

Chris Reimers


  1. God bless these efforts in Arkansas, Chris. Although Norway is in a very bad way with its CPS – Barnevernet – it is truly an international problem in the Western world, and all of us who see this, must do what little we can to speak up against it, whenever social services go beyond service and start taking away the freedom and togetherness of families.

    • Chris says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Marianne.
      I was aware of problems with the American CPS before I found about about the Bodnariu case and Norway. This is because I worked in a pregnancy crisis center for almost 5 years. Many of the problems I encountered were the result of lack of personnel. There were times when I saw frustration with the system, however.
      I will have to keep an eye on my own state, now. The budget for foster care children is slated to increase by millions of dollars in the next year. This can mean a greater commitment to good or and increase in graft or some of both. I am watching the conversation carefully.
      There is no reason not to trust our state governor who has allowed the increase in funding. He is a conservative Christian leader with national experience.
      A last thing that meant a lot to me….
      I was giving a speech about Ken Olsen’s case to a group of Christian leaders. One of the men listening was a Christian lawyer. After my speech, there was some discussion about the local CPS. The lawyer, probably out of confidentiality, said very little but his “body language” spoke volumes. His facial expression and half comment led me to believe he was disgusted with CPS actions.
      We are fortunate to have State Senators like Alan Clark. He is aware of the problem, he is very influential, and it sounds like “heads will roll” in our state if the problem continues.
      If I discover that anything similar to Nadia’s story happens in my state, I will publicize it using this blog and Facebook.

      • This sounds hopeful. Being on the alert is the most important thing, I think.
           I believe one trouble with social service personnel everywhere is that they are fervently committed to “good” and think their ideas of what is good should be imposed on everyone. The beneficial effect of freedom is far less understood – by all of us, perhaps. It has to be coupled with decency and a certain kind of wisdom – – but the freedom to decide for yourself and take the responsibility for it is really good, both for your physical and mental health. For society at large it leads to a certain variation between what one person does and the next. That is good too, because it presents us with several different patterns to choose from, and when conditions change, it might be good to know that “under these altered circumstances, that other way that Peter is using to grow vegetables will serve us better”.

  2. Chris says:

    “…freedom…coupled with decency and a certain kind of wisdom…”

    I think this is so well stated, Marianne, including the rest of your comment.

    What kind of “wisdom” takes the child’s wishes into NO account? This is a bad pattern that seems consistent in Barnevernet conclusions. I understand that children shouldn’t always have the last say in an important custody matter, but to be completely ignored? It is not a wise course and freedom is often trampled upon as a result in my opinion.

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