Hold on to your hats.  We live in interesting times.



  1. Mannyr says:

    Things are heating up. Mr.O has shown his colors and all who support him are pushing his agenda. It is amazing how our country has turned its back on Israel.

    Our country has gone from supporting dictators to openly supporting world wide terror. Anyone who could not see this new Egyptian president as a wolf in sheep’s clothing is living in deception.

    lets see what happens in Turkey. We are openly supporting the secular government currently in power but for how long. the Muslim brotherhood has been successful so far in many places. They definitely have a world wide plan and seem to be walking it out.

    Meanwhile the pied-piper (Mr.O) can’t do enough for the advancement of his native call. I wonder how long it will be before a minaret is erected in the rose garden?

    • Chris says:

      Every once in a while Mr. Obama throws Israel a bone. But approving of sending Top Gun planes to Egypt at such a time tells the story. When I first heard of it, I figured those planes would eventually see engagement with Israel.

      Turkey is interesting. In the past few years they have gone from being somewhat friendly to Israel and have now taken a different posture. I still don’t understand why we are sending missiles to Turkey, tell us what they may.

      I agree with Gary that war is coming to the Middle East and that Israel will not lose.

      Always appreciate your thoughts, Manny.

  2. Mannyr says:

    The missiles to Turkey are so that the Muslim brotherhood in Syria will not (supposedly) bring the conflict into Turkey. But we all know how that bunch MB works. Pretend to be for freedom for the people and then surprise we are not who you thought we were. Just like in Egypt.

    To me Mr.O sending “Top Gun” planes to Egypt is especially revealing his desire to support the Muslim brotherhood. Typical politician.

    The man in charge in Egypt is one dangerous man. It would seem that the United States is still using (CIA) tactics from previous positions which aided dictators–regardless of outward appearances. Shah of Iran, Saddam Hussein, Pervez Musharraf and a long list of others. What a mess! What messy goings on.

    • Chris says:

      Messy is the word. So the MB will probably attempt to use F-16s and powerful missiles, intended to “keep the peace,” on Israel eventually. And all made in America. No wonder Israel has consolidated its government and appears ready for war. The lack of wisdom in our leaders is a direct result of our lack of concern about what God thinks.

      I watched a political roundtable discussion tonight. Haven’t seen one for quite some time. Seems there are no answers on Capitol Hill about almost anything. No surprise there.

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