Pastor Jan-Aage Torp invites to the Vienna Symposium

We are only one week away from this outstanding event which will be held in Vienna, Austria on Friday, September 23rd, 2016. In my next post about this symposium, I will publicize the time of the event (in American time zones) for those who wish to watch it live. Afterwards, I will share links for anyone who would like to watch it anytime.

If you have a Facebook page, YOU MAY GO HERE, for more information.

Chris Reimers

4 Responses to Pastor Jan-Aage Torp invites to the Vienna Symposium

  1. SLIMJIM says:

    That was a very balanced and level headed video by the pastor calling people to this symposium and the problem

    • Chris says:

      It sure was, Pastor Jim! Pastor Torp is in the minority of pastors in Norway. Not many will speak out like this against the Barnevernet. Could it be because the Church of Norway (Old Lutheran) is a state sponsored church? Also, only about 2% of the 75% of the population there who are members of the State Church attend. Many Christians would also consider the Church of Norway very liberal theologically and somewhat traditional in outward appearances. I think it is a very bad mix in Norway’s case.

      Pastor Torp has good command of the English language. Many Norwegians are pretty good with English. I don’t know Norwegian and even Google translate has problems with it. So, those who are good with both must be around both a lot or be really good with different languages.

      • Yes, Jan-Aage Torp is well informed about Barnevernet. Certainly he has many sources of information, both Christian and others. He has spoken in Oslo at demonstrations against Barnevernet’s abuse. Here is a pre-announcement before 20 February 2016 (in Norwegian):

        His comments on 20 Feb (in English):

        Torp interviews Jan Simonsen about Barnevernet (texted in English):

        He also spoke at a later demonstration. (It is partly my fault that it is not yet published. Sorry sorry.)

        • Chris says:

          Thank you, Marianne. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this YouTube video before. I am so grateful for a man like Pastor Jan-Aage Torp. I wish more pastors in Norway would speak out like he does. He reminds me a bit of the great Pastor Chuck Smith who founded the Calvary Chapel churches in America. Their appearance is a bit similar but the way they deliver their message is very similar, I think. Pastor Chuck was such a kind (and knowledgeable) man and I don’t know much about Pastor Torp but he strikes me as being kind as well.
          I appreciate your comment, and, as you have so much on your plate, I would expect you not to have everything done that you wish to. 🙂

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