” I believe it, 1000%!”

This week I was leading a group of 3rd graders back to class after an assembly. I couldn’t help but hear two 3rd grade girls discussing something behind me. It went something like this:

Girl #1: “There was this tree in a garden. God told them not to eat anything from the tree and they did it anyway.”

Girl: #2 “I know.”

Me (looking back): “You believe that story?”

Both girls: “Yes, we do.”

Me: “Well, I believe it, too.”

Girl #1: “I believe it, 100%!”

Girl #2: ” I believe it, 1000%!”

Me: “Technically, you can’t have more than 100%.”

Both girls: “We believe it 1000%.”

Me: “Well, if anything is to be believed more than 100%, it should be the Bible.”

All three of us: “We believe it 1000%!”

“Unless you become like a child…..”


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2 Responses to ” I believe it, 1000%!”

  1. SLIMJIM says:

    LOL that’s adorable.

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