…………………..The Rev. Billy Graham was in the news yesterday.  I remember, as a young man, watching Mr. Graham make wonderful, straightforward attempts at helping people better understand God’s Word.

During what were known as crusades, over many years, he asked people in different parts of the world to make a personal commitment to the God of the Bible.

I would never criticize any Christian for praying with or for anyone.  Mr. Obama has just met for prayer with Mr. Graham at his North Carolina home.

The Bible teaches us that we are to pray not only for our friends but for our enemies as well.  No matter what Mr. Graham’s thoughts are about Mr. Obama, he should be willing to pray with and for him.  Rev. Graham has graciously welcomed our chosen leader to his home for just that purpose.

I will not question Mr. Obama’s motives.  I think, however, that Mr. Obama is aware of Mr. Graham’s latest views on Christianity.  I think that Mr. Obama would agree, unfortunately, with the statement that Rev. Graham made to Dr. Schuller in the you tube video posted below.

Some might blame Mr. Graham’s “newest” statements on old age.  Unfortunately, Mr. Graham’s interview with Dr. Schuller, one whose teachings are filled with new age and heretical doctrine, occurred at a time when the evangelist’s mind was clear.

Sadly, Mr. Graham’s beliefs have changed over time.  Listening to later interviews, like the one noted in this video with Robert Schuller, Billy Graham sounds nothing like his former self.

You don’t have to watch an entire sermon to get the idea that Rev. Graham was once fearless when it came  to sharing his faith and trust in the Words of the Bible.  I have included an interview that he did with Woody Allen.  Rev. Graham’s stand is clearly evident in the interview.  You will note, in the interview, that Mr. Graham makes it clear that it is not his word that matters, it is God’s Word.  He is, of course, referring to the Bible.

In later years, Mr. Graham evidently changed his philosophy.   He has made statements that rely on his own opinion, those that are not consistent with simple, Biblical teachings.

Some say that Billy Graham’s past evangelistic work has been a waste.  I disagree. I have heard many of his messages.  Until the last few decades, Mr. Graham’s gospel message seemed clear and correct.  He communicated it well. Many people came to understand the truth of the Gospel message.

Once a dashing and uncompromising man of God, Mr. Graham is now old and ill.  I understand that his mind could easily be affected by his age.  However, many of his questionable statements were made before his recent frailties.

I think Mr. Graham is representative of what has happened in our culture in recent times.  We are entering an age of “tolerance.”  The message: we must accept all faiths as equal to the one gifted to us in the Bible.  There is a problem with this message.  The Bible articulates one truth.  Mr. Graham preached this truth valiantly for years.  The one thing that many people don’t want to tolerate today is the message that Billy Graham preached clearly for decades.

Tolerance only represents love when the truth is communicated with it.  A tolerance that negates scriptural truth becomes something, in a word, that is being removed from the language of the new millennium: sin.

Chris Reimers

Billy Graham “fuzzy” on whether Jesus is the only way:


An interview with Woody Allen:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUNsGPVDDMA Part 1

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Lwx3Wc18Mc&feature=related Part 2

Story about Mr. Obama’s Meeting with Mr. Graham:



  1. Anonymous says:

    in the the last days many will fall from faith which includes billy graham

    • Chris says:


      It’s been a while since I posted this. Billy Graham was a great evangelist. Only God knows the man’s heart, and as he’s gotten older, few know his state of mind. At the same time, it is hard to look at this video and not wince.

      May God bless Billy Graham.

  2. thesword7 says:

    I can’t help but wonder what Franklin Graham has to say about all this.

  3. Anonymous says:

    agree and that was the saddest video i ever seen. he was such a strong preacher and millions recieved jesus christ cause of his crusades, and this turn about is a lets not offend people statement and jesus offended people he healed on the sabboth when the people thought he shouldn’t, he’s jesus perfect and they doubted him. only one perfect that’s God and i pray rev., graham gets his heart right with our lord before it’s to late. anonymous says.

  4. Austin says:

    Chris, you may not want to approve this for public consumption, but I can safely say that any man (Billy Graham) or woman (katherine Khulman) who kneels in front of the Pope and kisses his ring in public, has been bought and paid for – compromised. I know that there’s been rumours of him being a lodge member etc., but the fact remains that a once great man of God has fallen from his first love, and has beencompromised by the Catholics, the Theosohists and the New Age “preachers” of our time. May God have mercy on him, and on all of us too, “lest any of us who think we may stand, fall…:


    • Chris says:

      I’m so glad you stopped by Austin. I was thinking of you today as I came home from church.

      I’m hoping, in spite of the many things you’ve mentioned and the video with Mr. Schuller here, that Mr. Graham finishes strong (A post of mine is called “Mr Graham Finishes Strong” after a recent T.V. special). I hope, like you, that God has mercy on him. It is possible that he realizes the errors he has committed and we know that it’s never too late for anyone. Sherryn had some concerns with the T.V. special and stated that some of her spiritually wise family members felt concerns also. She was going to identify those concerns but hasn’t of yet. I respect Sherryn’s discernment and will read whatever she posts on the subject.

      God’s blessings my friend…

  5. thesword7 says:

    We can not know what Billy Graham may have prayed in his last few years. If he had repented of apostasy when he refused to say on TV that Jesus is the only way to heaven. We cannot Judge him or anyone. It’s between them and God.

    • Chris says:

      I agree completely, sword7.

      I appreciated every sermon that I ever heard the man give. He was gifted, indeed.

      This has nothing to do with his salvation but I think it does have to do with a lack of discernment. Billy Graham had no problem sending Catholics back to their churches to continue their newfound commitments after going forward at one of his crusades. Anyone who can’t understand why I think this as a protestant only need ask and I will answer.

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