Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 7/2/22

Every Saturday Tom posts the latest on things happening throughout Christendom. This week his post tags were: “Christian, Evangelical Christianity, Evangelicals, Ex-Catholic.”
As an Ex-Catholic, his focus is usually on things going on in the church he once belonged to. The articles he shares and his commentary are always interesting. Check it out and if you like it you may want to subscribe to his blog and get the latest news every Saturday.


Although the U.S. Catholic bishops are solidly against abortion, a recent AP poll found that 64 percent of U.S. Catholic laypersons agreed that abortion should be legal in most or all cases.

Angry pro-abortion supporters are targeting Catholic churches after the overturning of Roe vs. Wade because Catholics are stereotyped as being anti-abortion despite polls which show the majority support the genocide. We note that of the five Supreme Court justices who voted to overturn Roe, four are Roman Catholic: Samuel Alito, Amy Coney Barrett, Brent Kavanaugh, and Clarence Thomas. Neil Gorsuch was raised a Catholic, but now identifies as Episcopalian. False-gospel religious moralists need the Gospel as much as radical pro-abortionists.

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8 Responses to Welcome to the Weekend Roundup! – News & Views – 7/2/22

  1. Tom says:

    Chris, thank you for the reblog and the gracious comments! Much appreciated. I hope you’re enjoying a good weekend.

    • Chris says:

      You’re welcome. I hope you get a few new followers because of the reblog. Your Weekend Roundup is something I look forward to and are my favorite posts of yours.
      So far it has been a good weekend, thank you. I know you are working but I know that you are counting the weeks (and soon the days.).

      • Tom says:

        Thanks, brother! I appreciate the kind words. I actually have off today because our factory shut down as part of the July 4th celebration. My wife and I are going to see Top Gun: Maverick this afternoon with our oldest son and our youngest granddaughter. Definitely not “my thing” but sometimes I must acquiesce to the pack.

        • Chris says:

          You’re welcome, Tom. I don’t usually go to the movies either but I’ve heard that this Top Gun is better than the first one. Sometimes it’s just nice to be with the family to watch something. It’s even hard to find something descent to watch on T.V. but we are watching the latest Marvel series with the Muslim hero because my daughter likes it. The family in the show are marginal Muslims just like most Christians in America. I can tolerate the show because they aren’t trying to proselytize as far as I can tell and it may be giving me a look into the modern American Muslim. I have a real problem with a multiverse even if it’s sci fi/fantasy/comics so I guess I have to cringe and put my black and white personality in check for 1/2 hour a week.

          • Tom says:

            Well, Top Gun 2 was very entertaining to say the least. It’s hokey to the max and you know you’re being manipulated like a puppet in every scene, BUT it’s still a thrilling roller coaster ride. I slept-in an extra hour this morning because I was exhausted from steering those jets via body english in my theater seat for two hours.

            Hmm. That’s interesting about the Marvel Muslim super-hero. I was barely aware of that. I am an old DC Legion of Super-Heroes fan stemming all the way back to 1966. Pastor Slim Jim’s occasional comics reviews rekindled my interest as you can tell from my ongoing LSH reviews.
            RE: black and white personality
            Lol. Excellent phrase which describes me to a tee. As I’ve mentioned to Slim Jim many times, I’ve been mulling over writing a post about why a former independent Baptist fundamentalist would write about “secular” topics, like the LSH, the Byrds, Elia Kazan, etc. That post will be written soon.

            • Chris says:

              I look forward to that post, Tom.

              My daughter tells me that Miss Marvel, a fan of Captain Marvel, has been around for about 10 years. New shows “drop” on Wednesdays and can be seen on Disney plus on demand.

              This is the same daughter who is probably the most educated person around when it comes to VBS and children’s ministry materials. She is on #9 in a series of 12 novellas that she has written that are available on Amazon. It is a series of short books that reaches across fantasy/sci fi themes. Characters in the books face similar medical challenges as the ones my daughter faces.

              “Speaking” of Disney”…It is becoming increasingly obvious that Disney is struggling with balancing its former family friendliness with current wokeness and wayward sexual themes. Very few went to see the recent Buzz Lightyear movie and some think that it could be because of stuff in the movie that wouldn’t be acceptable by Walt if he were alive. Then again, I don’t know anything about Walt’s faith so maybe he would have bent with the wind like so many others these days. Others may just be tired of Disney’s apparent push of certain agendas. Others just thought it wasn’t done well.
              Then you have the very recent release of the minions has done very well at the box office.

              Of course box office receipts mean nothing when it comes to decency and I haven’t seen either film. Disney is increasingly making homosexuality seem like a normal lifestyle. I’ve seen a show where it was a very minor part of the story but it was portrayed like any other healthy relationship.

              Now that I’ve completely gone down the rabbit trail, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to play a video game now and then and I’m 63. Of course, I would never promote the ones with violence and sexual situations. I’m known to play chess-like games every so often. God’s creativity is seen in creation and the creative process is active in humans as well because we were made in God’s image. It is probably why I was interested in Superman and then Spiderman as a kid. The stories seems so much more black and white back then and that’s probably why I like them so much more than any of the new remakes that spend millions to get movie stars to play the lead roles.

              Trailers to some of these super hero movies, particularly Batman, are so dark that I have no interest in going to see one.

              I wish you and your family and blessed and safe 4th of July, Tom.

              • Tom says:

                Chris, thanks for all of the good thoughts. That’s interesting information about your daughter. Good for her! Yup, all of these entertainment venues are now pushing “progressive” agendas.

                RE: God’s creativity is seen in creation and the creative process is active in humans as well because we were made in God’s image. It is probably why I was interested in Superman and then Spiderman as a kid.

                Much of my future post is going to be devoted to that theme.

                Yes, comics (and other entertainment products) were so much more wholesome and healthier back in the day. Creators keep “pushing the envelope” to stand out and create a buzz. It’s difficult to square most entertainment products with Philippians 4:8 these days.

                Thanks, Chris! I hope you and yours have a blessed july 4th as well!

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