Keith Green…the name brings back many memories. This popped up on You Tube the other day. I wasn’t looking for it.

“You Put this Love in My Heart” was a song I used to listen to on my way to Jr. College. The Christian radio stations were playing it almost non-stop for a while back in 1977. His album “For him who has ears to hear” was a huge hit with young Christians.

As I remember, it was a time when Contemporary Christian Music was just starting to get commercialized. Keith was a great singer/songwriter but he was also a wonderful Christian. I received his “Last Days Newsletter” which included very solid Bible teaching.

I didn’t know his wife had written one of his songs. I got to see Keith in concert one time before his death. He was one of many Christian artists playing at Knott’s Berry Farm in Southern California where I was helping lead a youth group at the time. It was a great night. I remember seeing Barry McGuire praising God for all He had done in his life. He made it a point to tell us something like “Keith Green is here tonight.” Most of the groups playing that night were very good; few of them were able to make a career with their talents because of the times. Contemporary Christian Music of the time wasn’t as slick and packaged as it is today, but it was more pure. The music that night came from the heart and ministered to many young Christians who worshiped innocently.

This is a great worship song. Listen to the words as Keith sings.

Amen, Keith, Amen.


It is no surprise that Keith’s wife, Melody, has kept Last Days Ministries going. HERE IS THE WEBSITE.

THE KEITH GREEN STORY featuring Randy Stonehill (my favorite Christian Artist)

3 Responses to “MAKE MY LIFE A PRAYER TO YOU” by Melody Green

  1. Dan C. says:

    I’ve collected Keith Green music all the way back to the vinyl days. I bought Vinyl, then cassettes and now the digital albums. You might be the only person I ever actually met (at least virtually) who subscribed to the Last Day’s Ministries Newsletter. Although I didn’t study theology much in the 70’s (too busy being a Spec Ops soldier) I have studied much over the long term. The only Keith Green lyric I can say I don’t still agree with is “You won’t find a thing until you soften your heart.” It takes God to soften the human heart (ask Lydia), but I can’t hold it against him, because for a long time I agreed. That might have been a lyric connected to his relationship with Leonard Ravenhall who pointed him to Charles Finney, who believed that man had in his nature to be able to turn himself toward God.

    Concerning evangelism (Keith’s passion!), I tend to pray “Lord, open a heart and send the gospel.” If I get to be the messenger I am greatly humbled that God would give me so great a privilege!

    Thinking of more contemporary artists, I’ve compared him a bit to Rich Mullins as far as musical style and intensity of heart.

    I never saw Keith Green in person, but I did watch Barry McGuire in Boston. There’s a full length video about his life that I think I might have downloaded from YouTube. It was well done.

    I’ve probably talked too much! I’ll have to send you an email later. Found it on your ‘About’ page. I’d like to get to know you better. To bad you live in Arkansas!

    • Chris says:

      Great points, Dan.

      Feel free to email me anytime. Our theology seems very similar. That you can only find one lyric (though an important one) of Keith’s that you disagree with says how sound his theology was for a young man. I’m in agreement with you on this particular theological issue.

      Keith was influenced by Leonard Ravenhill as Mr. Ravenhill’s writings were quoted often in The Last Days Newsletter. I think I remember quotes there from Mr. Finney as well.

      I have two of Keith’s vinyl albums and that’s it. I have his first Album “For those who have ears to hear” and “So, you wanna go back to Egypt.” My wife checked Ebay last night to see how much they are worth. I couldn’t believe they were only worth around $10. This may be because there are so many of them out there or that many have never heard of Keith Green. I think I’ll keep my vinyls. I hear they are making a comeback of sorts.

      I know you’ve been following me for years and for some reason I hadn’t really checked out your blog that well until recently. I think you are putting up great posts with important information.

      I’m usually the one who talks too much and you could have gone twice as long on these subjects and I would have been happy.

      I like your evangelistic prayer. I hope you don’t mind if I use it.

      I’ve been away from CCM for a long time though I have heard of Rich Mullins. I’d rather listen to the Christian music from the days of my youth when I do have the opportunity. I have Randy Stonehill’s “Welcome to Paradise” (my favorite CCM album) on C.D. along with one of his newer titles. I always like to see an old worn out hymnbook in a church, however. Those old hymns had theology in them.

      I think Randy was the Philosopher/Christian of early CCM whereas, Keith was the Evangelist/Christian of early CCM. There is crossover, of course.

      Do you remember Malcolm and Alwyn, Gentile Faith, or The Archers? These are a few of the several old albums that I have.

      Did you ever get to Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa back in the day? I had to drive about an hour and a half but I was there weekly for awhile.

      My how things have changed since then. I have really enjoyed your comment.

      God’s blessings…

      • Chris says:

        Hi Dan.

        I just wanted you to know that out of nowhere I started singing Keith Green’s “You put this love in my heart” today. I can’t remember the words to the song, but the title and words are, I think, theologically correct.

        Here are most of the words and the tune was outstanding.

        I found it hard to believe
        Someone like you cared for me
        You put this love in my heart
        I tried but could not refuse
        You gave me no time to choose
        You put this love in my heart

        I want to know where the bad feelings go
        When I’m depressed and I get down so low
        And then I see you coming to me and it’s alright

        I want to tell you right now
        I’m not afraid to say how
        You put this love in my heart
        There are sometimes when I doubt
        But you always find me out
        You put this love in my heart

        ‘Cause when I see all that you’ve done for me
        It’s hard to doubt, I just have to believe
        ‘Cause you followed and proved it all of your life

        Well I know
        The loneliness I had before
        Is gone now
        I’ll never feel it anymore

        God’s blessings…

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