May 22, 2016
Photo by Emannuel Huybrechts

Photo by Emannuel Huybrechts

Spring is here and the butterflies are beginning to flutter signs of creation all over the Northern Hemisphere. The Wings of the Wind and its editor had an interesting week. On the blogging front:

Forced Adoption in the U.K. included this video:

The reason I put up the forced Adoption story was because my new friend Eugene Thinks He is Out of Options – Starting Hunger Strike Soon

https://chrisreimersblog.com/2016/05/16/to-be-an-example-we-must-follow-his-example/ is Rob Barkman discussing the topic. Rob has a very interesting blog entitled, “Settled in Truth Ministries.”

INDIA PROTESTS NORWAY’S CPS includes the following video by Dr. John Dayal:

Photo from Pastor Ciprian Barsan's Blog

Photo from Pastor Ciprian Barsan’s Blog

How to celebrate May 17th, Norway’s National Day is a very interesting article if you follow the blog links.

Photo from The Ligonier blog

Photo from The Ligonier blog

Divine Sovereignty by Steven J Lawson is another theologically correct article which can be found on Sherryn’s blog, “The Narrowing Path.” It is an easy to read article about a deep subject.

American-College-of-Pediatricians-e1459098066229American College of Pediatricians Slams Transgender Agenda in Children is an article from Dr. Chris Prunean’s Blog “Delight In Truth.” You will certainly not find this interesting article about the transgender subject anywhere in the mainstream media. “Why not?” is the question I have.

Review: Ashamed of the Gospel, by John MacArthur
I’ve been to Jim’s blog several times in the past. From this article, we appear like minded in the most important ways. I may have to try to get my hands on a copy of this now as Dan C. is reading it and, as it appears it may have some information on the “Downgrade controversy” in Spurgeon’s day of which I am not aware, I am curious.

Listen Here buttonSermon Link: The Godhead Revealed by Dr Martyn Llloyd-Jones is a wonderful sermon that I found at Sherryn’s blog. Here is a man who knew how to rightly divide the Word of God.

Marius si Ruth BodnariuGospel Herald – Norway’s Seizure of Five Children due to Parents’ ‘Bible-Based Parenting Style’ Questioned by Over 100 Lawyers and Politicians Worldwide is only part of the story of the wonderful Christian family pictured above.

Photo by Sincere Finchy

Photo by Sincere Finchy

New DNA Study Confirms Noah is an interesting article by Brian Thomas, M.S. of the Institute for Creation Research.

Photo by Steven Bennett

Photo by Steven Bennett

Steven Bennett – SECRETS and LIES – Inside Barnevernet, Norway’s CPS is an article about the sad reality of Norway’s Child Protective Services.

Smooth Sailing ~ CHRISTian poetry by deborah annOn Tranquil Seas ~ is Deborah Ann’s poem I chose to publish this week. This was a much needed drink at an oasis along my journey this week. God’s Word is, of course, my primary source of strength, but Deborah Ann’s Words are based on scripture.
This was the favorite verse of a college friend who went on to become a pastor.

Photo from  en.wikipedia.org

Photo from

On the substitute front, I was fortunate to spend 4 of my 5 days at Fountain Lake. I enjoyed it all, from 2nd grade on up. I got to go on the annual trip to Blakely Dam that the 4th graders have been taking for years. The 5th day I was a spanish teacher at Park Elementary. I welcomed the students with my limited knowledge of Spanish: “Buenos Dias.”

The joke of the week comes from Clayton:

“What do you call a speaker without speak?”

Photo by Joseph Francis

Photo by Joseph Francis


May the God, our Creator and the Creator of Heaven and Earth, bless your week.

Chris Reimers

Desperate Parent Leaves Norway

April 29, 2016
Photo from Delight in Truth's Blog

Photo from Delight in Truth’s Blog

Here is another excellent post on Delight in Truth’s blog. I think I would do the same thing this man has if I lived in Norway and had school aged children. I would leave any of the Nordic countries. CR

Delight in Truth

DESPERATE PARENT – He had his children investigated by ‪#‎Barnevernet‬. For the sake of their safety he IMMEDIATELY took them back to Romania before Barnevernet could confiscate them.

When faced with the trouble they caused, a Barnevernet official spoke to nrk.no and said this was a “routine” interview by a nurse and that the Dugeniuc family had nothing to fear. Nevertheless, Andras Dugeniuc fled Norway to ensure his children will not be targeted. This video is available on the nrk.no site below, a Norwegian newspaper.

Translation of Andras Dugeniuc:

“[I did this] because of the interrogation that one of the younger children (age 9) was put through at school. After the interrogation, the kids panicked and knowing about the Bodnariu case from the internet they asked me: what will happen to us? The same as with the Bodnariu family? So, they panicked and said, dad, we will not…

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March 26, 2016

Are we in the 9th inning?

Are we in the 9th inning?

It looks like the dry spell is over. By the end of the month, I will have put up nearly as many posts in March as I did in the past two years. Of course, it didn’t hurt that I had Spring Break. It gave me some time to do some searching, studying, odd-jobs that have been waiting for me, and some writing.

Looking at the RECENT POSTS at the right you can see what I’ve put up this week.

I started with END TIME STUFF, the first time I’ve put up one of John Haller’s weekly reports. He watches the worldwide media for events relating to Bible Prophecy.

BRADLEY CLARK is an American Christian artist (musician) who is as concerned as I about the events occurring in Norway.

Deborah Ann has written another excellent poem called “BE NOT DISMAYED.” I am always blessed by her blog.

“MAKE MY LIFE A PRAYER TO YOU” is a wonderful praise song written by Keith Green’s wife Melody. I stumbled on this by accident this week and was blessed out of my socks. It reminded me of my early days as a Christian.

Greg Hunter interviewed EGON VON GREYERZ on his online show called USA Watchdog. His economic forecast fits the way I see things going.

CHILDREN TAKEN FROM THEIR PARENTS, IT HAPPENS EVERYDAY IN NORWAY is the story of a Christian family who had their 5 children taken from them without warning. If you want to know more about this, go to DELIGHT IN TRUTH’S BLOG. Worldwide demonstrations take place on Saturday, April 16 starting in most protesting cities at 10:00 A.M. I have called local authorities and have approval to gather on Central Avenue across from the National Park offices near the water fountain. I only have 3 signs made but we’ll welcome as many as want to come and join us. Please educate yourself about the issue before coming or stop by and get a brochure.

What do you think about REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT in America? Make a comment about your thoughts. I have given my opinion this week.

Lastly, GOOD FRIDAY OR PASSOVER discusses the timing of the final week of Jesus’ life. I was surprised when I read the article. If you haven’t wondered how Jesus was in the grave for three days and three nights when he died on Friday and rose on Sunday, you might find your solution HERE. It makes perfect sense to me. What do you think?

We remember one of the most important weeks in World History this week. Don’t think so? Check out how much of the Gospels are dedicated to this week alone. (The creation week was pretty important, too.)

My lips will shout for joy when I sing praises to You;
And my soul, which You have redeemed.
– Psalm 71:23

Chris Reimers

WEEKLY WRAP-UP 2-20-2016

February 20, 2016

I’ve been watching Greg Hunter’s weekly wrap-up for some time now. He used to be a member of the mainstream media and he is highly critical of the current mainstream sources.

Interestingly, he begins this wrap-up discussing the possibility of a Middle-Eastern War. Every Protestant end-times scenario that I’m aware of includes at least one major war. Those who believe in a view that a rapture will occur before the seven year tribulation think there will be a war in the Middle East with Israel. Though I lean towards this view, I’m not dogmatic about it. At the same time, things appear to be lining up according to the pre-trib view.

A major story that has been underreported in the West is one that is being covered on Delight in Truth’s Blog.

Barnevernet Sinking Despite the Progressive Romanian Defenders

There is so much going on that I can’t keep up with it. On the job front, I’ve enjoyed being with the kids lately. Unfortunately, I’ve had to send more than one student to the office recently because they lied to me. Hmm…wonder where they learned to look you straight in the eyes and lie to you? This week I had a mixture of jobs; everywhere from third grade to high school. Kids are still kids in spite of the spiritual meltdown happening all around them. You probably are aware of the reading materials that these kids read on their own time. This is something I can’t control. A student walked up to me and shared a “bloody” incident in a book that she was reading. I read it and said, “Gross!!!” I didn’t have time to express my concerns to her until the next day. It’s kind of rare for me to be in the same place two days in a row, but in this case I was very thankful.

I will miss Justice Scalia. His statements about allowing “same-sex” marriage were scathing. I don’t know how many times he was critical of the current Court and its unconstitutional views. I think the court will continue to become more Godless. I hope I’m wrong.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend in the Lord.

Chris Reimers

Recent Military News from the Middle East:



December 31, 2013
Photo by danielmoyle

Photo by danielmoyle

How many interesting things happened in your life in 2013? For me, 2013 was all about new people whom I met. I’ve met some wonderful people in life and through cyberspace. I would like to share my “big moments” of 2013. This not a chronological list.

There are several people whom I met through blogging who have become friends. Chris (Delight in Truth) and Sherryn (The Narrowing Path) are two people whom I respect and have had fellowship with online. Their blogs are excellent. Dawnmarie decided to stop her Christian themed blog this year and has simplified life with “A Little Bit of Sugar.” I have been Inspired by the “Christian poetry of Deborah Ann,” and the life of Gregory and his blog “Through the Eyes of this Calvinist.” Although I’ve known her since college, “Mrs. Acuna’s Blog” was also added to my blog roll this year. “M’kayla’s korner” is another blog added because of its informative content and m’Kayla’s knowledge of false teachings. I have continued to follow Kassey’s “Ponder Anew.” Although we are no longer working together, we keep in touch here and via Facebook.

It would be wrong to leave out Manny’s blog “Cracked Pot.” He has recently posted lengthy articles about Calvinism and he has been on my blog roll almost since the beginning.

Many interesting people were met through these blogs. Austin, whom I met at Sherryn’s blog, and I have been emailing back and forth. These people come from as close as my own state of Arkansas (Gregory) to a friend in Hong Kong (Lest). Others are from Australia, England, Romania, etc.

It was also nice to get reacquainted with Barbara Anable this year. I have known Barbara, who lives in the same city, for years and somehow we lost connection when I changed the theme of the blog. She has contributed posts in both Wings of the Winds.

The blog hasn’t had as many hits since I went with a more Christian theme. That is just fine with me. The “politically conservative” (whatever that is these days) Wings of the Wind that dealt with local and national politics was successful. I am more concerned these days with spiritual matters and will throw in something that relates to politics when I think it is important. I plan on continuing with Christian material and will continue to try and get up 12 posts a month.

I joined a theological discussion group on Facebook.

I joined a creationist/evolutionist discussion group on Facebook.

I really enjoy the theological group, but the origins group gets quite heated at times. If one goes, it’ll be that one.

I also started playing a strategy game online this year. It started as a joke as my son had the game and I gave it a try with a name taken from my middle name: Lavern. My son had called himself Granticus so I became Lavernicus. I have met people from all over the world through this game. It is a real time historical strategy game and I have made quite a few mostly young friends there. I like the game because it has a good filter for nasty words, there is no blood, and it helps keep my mind active. No word searches for me, thank you. I see it as chess. I am an average player. I don’t spend much time there as I’m a busy guy, but it’s the only game I play and have come to enjoy the company of several players. I want to thank them for understanding that I’m a Christian and for listening to me when asked about my faith. Jews and Muslims also play. There are Christians who play. Servant2Lord has his own YouTube channel and has put up a few of my games. Feudal Lord lives only an hour from me whereas Servant lives in New Zealand. Thanks to Gualtiruzzo (ruzzo), Rob, Vladek, Aleric, Kocha Panda (Panda), kingedawg (king), Friedrich Smith (FS), Iron Price, Quetzalcoatl (Quetz), Schoob57, Marco Polo, Shin, bear, Granticus22 and many others whom I will add as I think of them. Thank you for putting up with my Christian discussions as you were organizing games. I hope we both learned something. I plan on not playing as much in 2014 because I must keep up on the changes in the world that relate to my Christian beliefs.

On the home front, if you are still reading this, there have been changes. I am now teaching in a substitute capacity. My son is in college. My daughter got a job working with kids at a church.

There are some things that don’t change. Like the love of God, my wife of 32 years continues to stay the same. I am a very blessed man in so many ways.

That about sums up my 2013. Please feel free to comment and share things that happened in your life this year.

God’s blessings to all…

Chris Reimers


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