……..Have you ever read a good article with a poorly chosen title?  I stumbled on one about a popular “conspiracy theory.”  The article is balanced and informative.  The title doesn’t fit the piece well, but that’s O.K.  It’s hard to find a good article about the “New World Order,” a term our leaders have been using for years.  I didn’t know that Pres. Bush #1 used the term so frequently until fairly recently.

The Bible tells of a time ahead when there will be a consolidation of power.  One doesn’t need to listen hard these days to hear terms like “world constitution,” “one world community,” and “New World Order.”  The technology to create such an “Order” wasn’t available when Herbert Walker Bush used the term in his speeches.  It now is.

The thing that must be conquered to achieve such an “Order” is the resolve of the people.  For those, like myself, who believe that consolidation of power is eventually certain, the true battlefield lies in the willingness of man to give up his rights in exchange for certain promises.

The final terminology for the consolidation may not be “The New World Order,” however, this term certainly stirs the emotions of many, particularly those who see it described in the pages of scripture.

Read this article and decide upon your own title:

Chris Reimers

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