President Medvedev Meets With President Peres Yesterday

One of Yesterday’s headlines reads:

Poll: Obama has Lost Almost Half of his US Jewish Support

Less than a week ago, I wrote that I had always been surprised that 80% of Jewish Americans had voted for Barack Obama (see “comments” under RADICAL ISLAM IS ON THE MOVE). The same folks who discovered these surprising numbers now say that Mr. Obama has the support of only 4 in 10 American Jews.  What a difference in 18 months.

Here’s another headline from yesterday:

US sends Israel smart bombs to match Syrian missiles for Hizballah

Both of these headlines were found in Jewish news sources and were parroted in a few Christian websites.

Anyone who has been watching the Middle East knows that Hezbollah has been re-arming since its last confrontation with Israel in the summer of 2006.  The only difference is that now the terrorist group has more rockets.  Not only are they greater in numbers – U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has said “Hezbollah has more missiles than most governments”- they are reportedly more deadly and they have greater range.  The Israelis have been preparing for chemical attacks.

If the headline is true, if we are going to help Israel defend itself, it may change the way the Jews view Mr. Obama once again.  I’ve read story after story about the disappointment that American supporters of Israel have over certain actions or non-actions of the current American administration.

What would America do if a terrorist group were placing huge numbers of missiles in Mexico?  What if we knew they were aimed at American cities like San Diego and San Antonio and we thought that some of them may contain chemical weapons?

The answer is obvious.  Look at how our media has reacted to the intended car bombing in New York City.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is expected to visit Damascus in Syria today.  I wonder if it will get any coverage.  This is the same Damascus that the Bible predicts will suffer dire consequences some day.  Most of the missiles the terrorists in Southern Lebanon possess came through Syria compliments of the leaders of Iran.  I can’t wait to see how the Medvedev/Assad meeting goes.

Yesterday, Shimon Perez met with Dmitry Medvedev in Moscow.  He was representing Israel at a ceremony recognizing the defeat of the Nazis 65 years ago.

Israel could have sent a lower level dignitary to such an event.  The real reason that President Peres went to Moscow was to, once again, hold out the olive branch to those who are bent on Israel’s destruction.

Mr. Peres, sent a message to the President of Syria, Bashar Assad, stating that Israel did not want a confrontation with Syria.

Unbelievable.  The Israelis are offering peace once again.  It doesn’t take a genius to know the results.  The Syrians and Iranians will continue to support the terrorists.

How many Americans know what you’ve just read?

How many Americans know that the Chinese President and German Chancellor were also in Moscow and met with President Peres?

The answer: very few.

I watched several mainline news programs yesterday and these events were not mentioned.

I didn’t get the local paper, but I checked the Sentinel-Record front page online.  Not there.  Was it anywhere? Page 12A?  Maybe one of you can tell me.

I checked the online issue of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette.  Nothing visible enough that anyone would notice.

I googled “Medvedev meets with Peres” and several other possibilities that should have given me news about these events. A few articles about these important events came from two sources in Israel, one that is a very liberal source according to one of the readers of this blog.  The other sources were mostly Christian sources that watch the Middle East anticipating the eventual fulfillment of Biblical prophecies.

Where is the mainstream American media? They are where they normally are.  They are lost. The big story is still the attempted bombing in NYC.  Hillary Clinton talked about the “global threat” on 60 minutes last night in a story that was mostly about her. The interview with our Secretary of State followed a story about the New York City bomb scare.  The “global threat” statement she made neglected to mention Iran or Syria or Hezbollah.


Are the conspiracy theorists right?  Is the mainstream media spoon fed by elites who control what we are told?

I think there may be some truth to this because some deliverers of the message are elites themselves. However, it is not the main reason important stories don’t make the front page.

Most of those who report mainstream news do not believe what the Bible says.  To most of the mainstream media, the Bible is a collection of nice stories that attempt to teach us moral behavior.  They think it’s a book of fairy tales.

The Russian President, the Chinese President, the German Chancellor, and the Israeli President were all at the same place at the same time (Moscow) and I can’t find the news easily available anywhere in American mainline media sources.

The American media is self-absorbed.

The second biggest “global threat” is the one developing in the Middle East.  There is only one larger threat, but I can wait until next Monday to post information about it, I think.

Chris Reimers

Late breaking news – The BBC New just posted a report entitled:

First round of Mid-East indirect peace talks completed

This is the story that will probably hit the mainstream American newswires today.  George Mitchell is shuttling between representatives of Israel and the Palestinians.  I think that most people who have followed the relations between the two parties know the minute chances of something permanent coming from talks like these. – CR

The poll:

U.S. sends missiles:

Related articles:

The BBC story:

Christian website coverage of peace talks:,-Palestinians-Accountable-for-any-Undermining-of-Talks.htm

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