As I made my way down Grand Avenue a few weeks ago, another sign was up.  It read, “Retirement Sale.”  Tommy’s, a furniture and appliance store, is another local business that is calling it quits.

Yesterday, the destination was Sears.  The brakes had to be fixed.  Surprisingly, several businesses had closed on the “happenin” side of town since the last time I’d been there.  In fairness there were a few new ones.

Why mention these observations?

It doesn’t take a financial guru to know that we’re in trouble after reading this line from an online article yesterday:

The United States’ national debt will soon reach 100 percent of gross domestic product, the International Monetary Fund predicts in a new report. (See link below)

We are not that far away from facing numbers similar to Greece, a tiny country whose financial situation caused the New York Stock Exchange to plunge 1000 points recently.

Many baby-boomers are expecting soon (and for a long time)  to collect social security benefits from a system that they have paid into for years.  One can reasonably question how the money will appear.

It looks like Bible prophecy, as I understand it, may soon be fulfilled.  The scriptures tell of a time when all buying and selling are monitored.  They speak of a time of travail.

“Do not worry about your life.”  These are the words of Jesus.  The words are mentioned here because the above information could easily cause anxiety.  The Bible also says that if you don’t work you won’t eat.  Many Americans are hard working people.  There is a growing number, however, that expect others to do their work for them.  There is another group that is willing to go deep into debt to have what their friends have.

Some  schools are now providing more than breakfast and lunch to hungry youngsters.  Dinner is also a part of the school day in some school districts.

Admittedly, many parents have lost jobs and can’t provide food for their children.  A majority of Americans used to feel unwarranted shame if their hard work wasn’t enough to put food on the table.  Today, a large portion of the culture has come to expect “help.”  Many buy things they can’t afford before thinking of paying for the “free” meals their children are getting at school.

The cost of today’s cultural attitudes is our freedom.  Nothing comes without a price.  The government will feed our kids in exchange for the ability to shut the possibility of the existence of a supreme being out of our classrooms.

Why are we broke?

We have decided, in a slow and methodical manner, to remove God from the process.  If you want to see where we’ve come from, check out the following story.  It is found within another “Wings” post.  Click on this address and scroll down to the ***:

Christian principles, practiced by those who came before us, took this nation to great heights.  Over the past 120 years or so, a growing segment of our society has decided that Christian principles are intolerant.  This view has accelerated in the last few decades.

The God who blessed this nation is someone that many don’t want to hear from anymore.

Why should anyone be surprised that we are in our situation?  We are not only broke financially.  It is much worse than that.  We are also broke spiritually, something that can only be fixed by turning back to the God that made this country great.

Chris Reimers

The article about the IMF report:

Articles about technologies available to “tag” us:

IBM, Positive ID and Verichip hope to get all humans tagged with microchip implants–.html

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