Gustavus Adolphus Statue in Turku, Finland / Photo by Marko Vallius

…………………….It appears the controversy surrounding the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America College is “Gathering Steam.”

Thankfully, students at Gustavus Adolphus College who don’t approve of the sexually explicit freshman orientation have started a campus blog.  It is a fine blog with links to the videos that have created such fervor.  And rightfully so.  The link to the blog is at the bottom of this post.

I am waiting to see a press release from the president of the college located in St. Peter, Minnesota.  It will be noted on the Wings of the Wind as soon as it becomes public.

Here is one of the email responses that can be found by clicking on “Texts of Emails about Orientation” at the Campus Majority blog site noted below.

—– Original Message —–

From: Scott Grorud
Subject: FW: [Boardtalk] Fw: “Rated R” at ELCA Gustavus Adolphus CollegeOrientation

Dear Friends,

This e-mail has been making the rounds this weekend, but if you haven’t yet seen them, the two videos linked at the bottom of the message below are a tragic witness to the theological vacuum that has entered so many ELCA and other mainline Christian institutions. They are not easy to watch, but the saddest part is at the very end of the second one.

What I find most troubling about them is not the material presented. Sadly, our young people hear such messages constantly from the culture. What is most troubling is the complete lack of any Christian convictions or any moral context to analyze, critique or oppose this cultural rot. (The videos are excerpts, but they give little reason even to hope that a countering message was also presented.) The individual and his/her desires/thoughts/ideas have become idols. Plenty of this concerns the Sixth Commandment (adultery), but much more of it concerns the First (no other gods). That this can be presented at a college that still claims to be Christian and Lutheran reveals just how big a battle we’re fighting for the soul of Christianity today.

As the parent of a college student, I can’t help but wonder, too, about the tens of thousands of dollars being shelled out by faithful Christian parents who are taking false comfort from the fact that their children are attending a “Christian” college. Where is the obligation of the college to live up to its own mission and claims about itself? If you are an alumnus/a, a parent of a student or a donor to GAC, I hope you will make your convictions known to the administration.

Grace and peace,
Pastor Scott

(The part of the second video that saddened Pastor Scott so much was a proud statement from one of the students about how he came to the college and became an atheist.)

Gustavus’ Orientation “Controversy” Gathering Steam


I went back to the month this blog debuted.  An article ran about a dramatic production on campus.  It’s obvious that sexually explicit productions have been accepted at this college for some time.

What happened to “Oklahoma?”

I greatly appreciate it that a few students cared enough to take a stand for righteousness.  Not only are they brave, God has talented them in my view.


A story from “Campus Majority’s” first month:

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