“Utopia” by Leeloosu

“It is not appropriate for Christians to herald planetary doom, thereby attracting and drawing together the fearful. Nor should they yawn in the face of impending calamity by escaping into a comfortable world of complacency, fantasy, or addiction. Instead, Christians must be wise as serpents, gentle as doves. To win over doubters requires wisdom, not stealth; prevailing prayer, not brute force.

“Perhaps more now than ever before, it’s time to shake sleep, study to show ourselves approved, maintain spiritual sobriety, and exercise vigilance. Being well read and up-to-date on vital issues is a great start; but more exactly, believers must heed biblical mandate by praying diligently, exercising faith, and practicing charity.”

This quote comes from the conclusion of a well-written six part article by Debra Rae.  If you are interested in the topic of global government, this well-researched and well-documented effort is worth your time.

I’m not as certain about the white horse rider’s identity as Debra is but who agrees on everything in the book of Revelation?  I think she is spot on for the most part and her conclusion in part one is an example of her insight: – CR

“By design globalism’s inner workings escape the public eye all the while proponents tightly weave together geo-politics with economic and religious components. Its political strand is decidedly socialist; the economic strand, Marxist; the religious strand, varied versions of Cosmic Humanism.

“Make no mistake. Fingered enemies of globalism are sovereign nation-states, free enterprise capitalism, and the God of the Bible. For apparent reason, godly patriots of our nation do well to wake up and sound the alarm before the tsunami of global governance crashes its borders.”







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  1. Pearl says:

    I’m working my way through this series (extremely thorough)..already into part III! The following quote from Part I was interesting to me. Just goes to show that there’s something in it for everyone. It’ll be a painful thing to watch as it all unfolds. Otherwise sound, decent, hardworking (albeit unsaved) folk will embrace the socio/economic/security reasoning to justify this shift (that amounts to everyone in my family). Very frightening.

    Here’s that quote:

    “It’s not just the new world order anymore. Any one (or combination) of the following characterize globalism’s many facets: global transformation, world religion of Open/ Aquarian Conspiracy,[22] vision for world peace, enlightened eco-socialism, economic integration, multinational institution building, collaborative partnerships, global democracy, interdependence, collective security, federalized world government, transnational federal government, and more.”


    I don’t have a clue how to use most of the HTML codes below, specifically “blockquote cite”, and the “q cite”… what’s the difference? Do you know how? Ask your daughter for me, will ya? 😉

    • Chris says:

      I am currently reading a book entitled “Dupes” to my 15 year old son. Many who have helped position the world in such a globalist state were “inspired” by communism after the Bolshevik Revolution. They were talking about global government back then and marxist (I just can’t capitalize the word), socialist, atheistic Americans were very much involved.

      We’re only in the third chapter but it is a particularly interesting part of the book. It talks about the influence on American education by Mr. John Dewey. He’s called the “Father of American Education” and highly revered by many. As an educator, I’ve watched with sadness the disaster in American classrooms. Mr. Dewey had much to do with the philosophy of education in our country.

      Debra Rae’s article also interested me very much. Not only is she a great writer, she is “up” on the latest.

      As far as the computer code, I’m between clients at work at the moment and will ask my daughter about it when I get home.

      I don’t think she can answer your question, however.

      Now if you ever have a medical question, for her age she’s not a bad source.

      • Pearl says:

        I’ve read the same thing about Dewey in, I think, Gary Kah’s “En Route to Global Occupation”. Didn’t finish it, since I usually have a four books going at the same time, and that one gave me nightmares, as this entire subject does (but it simply won’t do for me to roll over and go back to sleep, now will it?). Berit Kjos’ website is another excellent, up-to-date source, with years of research invested in it. I highly recommend it if you’ve not yet come across it:

        Yep, smiley faces are much easier to manage. Good to know I can submit those medical questions! In fact, it kinda hurts when I do this…what should I do?

        • Chris says:

          Finally made it home. Interesting day.

          I don’t even need Hannah for your last question. I can handle that one. Garlic. It takes care of “this” every time. A clove of fresh garlic a day, prepared any way you like, will take care of “this.” If you have to take capsules, one in the morning will do.

          On the HTML question, Hannah vaguely remembered the term “blockquote cite” from a class she took in high school. She recommended you “Google” the term. I told her I didn’t think that would help but tried it myself anyway. She was right. There’s lots of information there.

          I have never seen these terms on my wordpress blog and I know nothing about HTML. Is there something you see me doing on my blog that you don’t know how to do? If so, I feel sorry for you as I’m such a rookie. However, if that’s the case let me know what you are seeing and I will tell you how I do it.

          I highly doubt you will need my services as I had to ask Hannah how to do a smiley not that long ago.

          I can see how that quote in part one interested you. Globalness is being constructed from so many directions and on so many levels that one would have to be blind to not see it coming.

          Thanks for the link to Berit Kjos’ website. I think I’ve been there a few times because of headlines on Nugget Net News, but have never explored the site. Will have to do that.

          Don’t forget….Garlic!!! 🙂

          • Pearl says:

            Only one clove of garlic, eh?

            Okay, to know what I’m referring to about the codes, you’d need to visit your blog (and not from behind the wizard’s curtain). Just under the comment box, you’ll see the many options of HTML codes one can use. The only ones I’ve figured out thus far are italics, bold, and strike. Now, since I’ve taken that clove of garlic, I shall attempt “blockquote”:

            “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16

            I’m too chicken to try “q cite”… need more garlic!!

            • Chris says:

              All I see under my comment box is “Feedbacks,” “Ratings” and “Polls.” I know I must be looking in the wrong place, Pearl.

              Is the comment box you’re referring to in the left hand column?

              You must really be aware by now that you asked the wrong person about HTML code.

  2. Pearl says:

    Hey Chris ~

    I just found this while looking for something else. Did you see the latest link I posted at Suze? More birds dying in Louisana, Kentucky and even Sweden (though the combined numbers are nowhere near to that of your state). I don’t know anything about this source – just sayin’…

    BTW, no need to publish this comment. I just wanted to pass it on to you and this is the least unobtrusive way to go about it.

    Take care,


    • Chris says:

      Actually, Pearl, I did see and read the article you posted Suze’s blog.

      And I have left your comment up just in case someone else sees the link here and want’s to read the well-chosen article about the latest on the bird mystery.

      Thank you for sending it along.

      God’s blessings…

  3. Pearl says:

    Oh, you poor thing! I’m surely frustrating you even more. I’ve noticed that not all wordpress blogs have this feature (mine doesn’t), but yours does, and it’s for the benefit of those leaving a comment, to enrich same by enabling bold and italic, etc.

    You’ll encounter it sooner or later, and then you’ll slap your forehead (hopefully not too hard) and exclaim “Great jumping Jehoshaphat!”

    • Chris says:

      I am not frustrated, Pearl. Honest.

      I just noticed a string of boxes under “Reply to Comment” that I had never used before.

      Great jumping Jehoshaphat! (ouch)

      I have no idea what most of them mean, and I think I’ll quit while I’m ahead. Am I ahead?

      Oh well, thanks for trying to help me, Pearl.

  4. Pearl says:

    You’re a good sport, Chris, and a fast learner! I’d say we are now on the same plane. Lemme know when you figure out “cite” and “q cite”. They’re way over my head.

    Have a good weekend!

    • Chris says:

      Just hit “b-quote” and a blockquote notation appeared. I wonder what this reply will look like. My choices don’t include “cite” or “q cite.” Wish they did just so I could give them a try. Oh well… I’ve learned enough for one week.

      God’s blessings…

      And about the weekend – the local news is calling it “Snowmageddon.” We’re supposed to get a good snow. I wouldn’t mind.

      Hope you have a good one, too.

  5. Pearl says:


    I hear garlic will do wonders for the bruise on your forehead.

  6. Pearl says:

    😛 ❗ ❗

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