“Puzzled” by Radioflyer007

So…you don’t believe the title of this post.

O.K….here’s “only the facts” ma’am.

Over a ten year period between 1997 and 2007, a survey of about 2,000 women in Spain found that the use of contraceptives increased from about 50 percent to nearly 80 percent of women.

Isn’t the increased use of contraceptives supposed to decrease the abortion rate?

Evidently not.

During the same period, Spain’s abortion rate more than doubled.

The findings were published in the January 2011 issue of Contraception.

The researchers were puzzled by the results.  Here is the study’s conclusion statement:

CONCLUSIONS: The factors responsible for the increased rate of elective abortion need further investigation.

My translation:  “We don’t have a clue why abortions increased when contraception use increased.”

This article in LifeSiteNews points out that:

“Pro-lifers have long argued that contraception results in greater sexual activity and, because contraception fails so consistently, in more “unwanted” pregnancies.  This in turn leads to more abortions.”

It is no secret that our youth are being encouraged more than ever to use contraceptives.  Not only does this encouragement send the wrong message, it apparently doesn’t work.

The abortion industry thinks it works. Abortionists make millions of dollars every year by killing the most innocent humans on the planet.

“Planned Parenthood received a banner $363.2 million in government funding during the 2008-2009 fiscal year, its most recent annual reporting period — a $13.6-million increase in grants and contracts over the previous fiscal year.”

For more on how information on how your tax dollars are being spent on abortion, click here.

Want to know the salary of Planned Parenthood’s President?  Click here.

The study noted in this post surveyed women from 15-49 years of age.  Some might argue that the inclusion of not-so-young women would negate any conclusion about the “effectiveness” statistics contraceptives had among young adults.  I would argue that older folks would tend to be more “careful,” thus making the numbers among the young even worse.

There is only one perfect contraceptive. We certainly don’t hear it endorsed in most of the “stuff” our youth are “fed” these days.

The study, entitled Trends in the use of contraceptive methods and voluntary interruption of pregnancy in the Spanish population during 1997-2007, can be found here.

I  recommend that everyone read the article that was printed here, yesterday.

Chris Reimers

To read that 75 percent of young people in America are receiving explicit contraceptive-centered education that defines “abstinence” subjectively, click here.

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