America Is A Frog In A Pot Of Slowly Heating Water That’s About To Boil

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard this old analogy in the past couple of years, but I think it fits our situation well.  This short article by Charlie Daniels gives quite a few reasons why the frog may be about to die.

“It’s hard for us to understand what happened to the America where unborn life was once respected and protected, where marriage existed only between a man and a woman and was considered sacred and where no self respecting person would ever stand in front of a television audience of millions and tell them it was her right to have her contraception paid for out of the public coffers.”

Read the rest of Charlie’s thoughts at here.


4 Responses to America Is A Frog In A Pot Of Slowly Heating Water That’s About To Boil

  1. Kassey says:

    Chris, I must throw some cool water on Charlie’s frog in that there are some good things going on. We just have to keep looking for the good wherever we can find it, even if it is getting harder to do so….

    this is an email from the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty:
    “Dear Friends,
    We got some good news from the U.S. Supreme Court last week!
    They denied Freedom From Religion Foundation’s appeal of our big Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals victory for Spartanburg County School District No. 7.
    This means that after three years of litigation, the principle that public schools can treat religious off-campus courses on the same terms as non-religious off-campus courses stands!
    As you may recall from previous emails on this case, at issue here was a 2006 state law that permits high school students to pursue religious education classes off-campus and receive up to 2 elective credits for it. Spartanburg schools drafted and implemented a policy to comply with the law, reaching a smart balance for accommodating the students and parents who wanted to pursue “released-time” religious education while avoiding public school entanglement with religion.
    Both the federal district court and a three-judge panel at the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals agreed! In fact, a unanimous Fourth Circuit held that the school district’s “program properly accommodates religion without establishing it, in accordance with the First Amendment.”
    Off-campus released-time programs like this were supported by the Supreme Court way back in 1952. And, nationwide, more than 250,000 students in 32 states participate in released-time programs each year.
    In this case, the Spartanburg schools took great care to plan for any possible challenges that secularist groups might have to the program. If this case shows us nothing else, it shows us that the hyper-secularist bullies will be satisfied with nothing but the second-class treatment of anything and anyone involving faith!
    This is a huge victory for religious liberty and it couldn’t have been possible without your support. That’s why as we head into the Thanksgiving holiday topping our list of what we’re most thankful for here at the Becket Fund is faithful friends like you. It’s a real blessing knowing that we have such dedicated supporters, like you, fighting for religious liberty with us. Thank you so much and may you and your family enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    Kristina Arraiga
    Executive Director

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Chris!

    • Chris says:

      Thank you for some good news. We should keep looking for the good. Your reminder makes me think of the verse “The joy of the Lord is my strength.” One of my favorite movies is Pollyanna. I need to get that out every once in a while and watch it. And, of course, continue to look to the wonderful promises in God’s Word.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      May God richly bless you and your family this Thanksgiving, Kassey.

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