Truce? 11/27/12

There are so many different views about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.  I have been Watching Prophecy in the News for quite some time now and I always like to hear what Gary Stearman has to say.  He is a Bible scholar, in my opinion, and he relates what is happening in Israel to scripture in a way that’s easy to understand.  Some of his guests have ideas that I don’t agree with and I don’t come as firmly down on a pre-trib view as Gary does.  I find him to be a humble man with great knowledge.  This doesn’t mean he is correct in his views, but I like his manner and what he has to say always interests me.  In this short podcast, he explains why Israel is so important and points out some of the latest developments in the Middle East.


I would like to thank Pat Howard for sharing this story on Facebook. It is the story of how Ariel Siegelman joined the Israel Defense Forces and fought in Gaza.

2 Responses to Truce? 11/27/12

  1. Mannyr says:

    I read somewhere that Gaza was a test for the IDF in that they were testing some awesome software and missile defense system’s. In preparation for an attack on Iran.
    it would seem in light of Gary Stearman’s observations that the U.S. is trying to play down any hostilities from Egypt and other supporters like Russia and China. They are said to be funding Iran in their quest for Atomic weapons. This is defiantly a hot bed.

    • Chris says:

      I haven’t heard about these tests but it wouldn’t surprise me as Israel has the greatest minds in the world. It doesn’t hurt when God is on your side. The info that Gary shared about Russian movements are new to me. You certainly don’t hear about these things in the mainstream. From the little I know, it seems that Russia can’t decide whether it wants the Iranian nuclear program to continue or not. China is a whole different animal. Boy, do they hold their cards close to their chest or what? Except that they are not hiding stories that they are supposedly developing weapons that are faster and smarter than some of ours.

      A hot bed is right. I think we will know soon enough who is supporting whom. A Russian, Chinese, Iranian alliance seems to line up with the little I know about eschatology. Then again, I am not a Bible prophecy expert so I’ll just have to do what Jesus said. I will watch.

      I’m glad you watched Gary’s take on the situation, Manny. I think he brings an interesting perspective to the table.

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