The Future of Damascus?

Gary again. Interesting statements.


4 Responses to The Future of Damascus?

  1. Mannyr says:

    Interesting strategies are being played out. In all this I think the nation to keep an eye on is Turkey. We (U.S.)are currently setting up missile defense for them. Turkey is secular like Egypt used to be, but Joel Richardson (Antichrist:Islam’s Awaited Messiah) has two interesting DVD’s on Islam & the end times.

    Richardson believes that Turkey is the threat from the North that comes down to destroy Israel after Turkey goes back to being the world leader of Islam as it was prior to (i forget his name) this man stepping down 1926 or 28. He had all the Arab nations united under himself.

    When he disbanded Islamic rule all the others formerly under him went out on their own. exactly what we see today.

    • Chris says:

      I have also been keeping my eye on Turkey for some time. They went from a somewhat neutral country to a sometimes strong opponent of Israel in just a few short years. And now America is setting up missiles there. I have heard the idea that Turkey will attack Israel. Now, with our missiles in Turkey I don’t know what to think. Does Joel Richardson think the Antichrist will be Muslim? I know that Joseph Farah of WND thinks so. I think the Antichrist will be of Jewish descent.

      Thinks are so complicated in that region at the moment that just about anything can happen. Time will tell my friend.

  2. Mannyr says:

    Yes he does. The last caliph (successor to prophet Mohammad) will unite all the Muslim nations as one to bring about a united front against Israel.

    Israel has the “Samson” that they will use if they cannot win against their enemies. Quite scary to say the least.

    • Chris says:

      His is an interesting theory. If I saw his videos, he may be able to sway me but I doubt it. I think the Antichrist will be Jewish, possibly from the tribe of Dan. Christians hold many different views. Only time will tell us which is correct.

      God’s blessings my friend…

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