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This article may be found HERE and is authored by Brian Thomas, M.S.

“Dinosaur dioramas don’t display flowers and grasses—supposedly because they had not yet evolved. But it takes only one piece of the right kind of evidence to disprove a whole paradigm. Amazing amber fossils from Burma (now Myanmar) refute the idea that flowers were absent in the supposed Age of Reptiles by showing the abrupt appearance of fully-formed flowers.”

My comment:

Belonging to two evolution/creation debate forums on Facebook, I have posted materials like this. In previous discussions with evolutionists on a liberal “Christian” website, The Institute of Creation Research was well respected even by Theistic Evolutionists. ICR is a creationist website that promotes the young earth position. Those of you who have read this blog know that I am a young earth creationist. One unbeliever accused ICR of using only materials from their own sources. If you look at the footnotes of this article only 1 of 5 comes from a creationist friendly source. In spite of what some of the evolutionists say, I think there is ample evidence for a young earth. In the end, I believe the creation account by faith. That doesn’t mean that I think we can’t see God in the world around us and in His wonderful creation.



  1. Ponder Anew says:

    Chris, I find “rose-like flowers encased in amber assigned an age of 100 million years” most interesting, especially in light of the claim for a young earth. How does ICR explain/ reconcile this?? Blessings.

    • Chris says:

      ICR would say that the dating is way off. And I would agree with them.

      Like this article says, many critters have been found encased in amber. What’s so interesting is that they look just like the bugs, etc. of today. The question is, “Where’s the evolution?”

      Here’s a good video of things in Amber. I disagree with the dating, but I agree with the premise.

      It’s late so I don’t have time to fully research and give you a good answer. I’ll work on this one this week. Thanks for the question and God’s blessings…

      Here’s a short post at ICR that I found:


      and here’s a particularly good one:

      One million years is a loooong time. I can’t imagine something this pristine holding up so well for so long. I am basing this only on my observation but, I feel the same way the author of the last article does. I’ll keep researching this as time allows. It is very interesting.

      Here’s another post:

      • Ponder Anew says:

        Chris, these sources are fine. Don’t do any heavy lifting on my account, just wanted an idea of ICR’s perspective on time. Very interesting. Thank you for your response and blessings to you. Kassey

        • Chris says:

          Ok, thanks Kassey. You are welcome and I enjoyed looking up these sources. I think the last one is the best. If I do find something of interest, I’ll post in here.

          God’s blessings…

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