The Sensual Invasion

My friend Sherryn of The Narrowing Path found this article at another blog I follow called Floating on Tiptoes. I have been listening to contemporary “Christian” music for over 40 years. To be honest, I know none of the “new” artists. I’m sure there are some good ones but it all sounds the same to me. Much of the time I can’t understand what is being said. Am I getting old or is there a reason when I hum these days it’s hymns from the old hymnbook at my church filled with words based on Biblical truth. I hope you read this article. There are many strange things happening in “Christian” churches these days.

Beth Cavete

The other day, I heard a beautiful worship song.  It was penned by a brilliant songwriter, known the world over.  It displayed the poignancy that brilliant songwriting does, that seemingly casual ability to hit on a tune so simple as to be unforgettable, and yet somehow so superior that most of us could never come with anything half as good.  It was gorgeous.

Its lyrics were intimate and personal, and yet so unpretentious.  They called out, “My sweet Lord, my sweet Lord…” with a humble and heartfelt yearning, real praise and a sense of adoration.  That phrase was repeated over and over, and then the yearning expanded with a real cry, “I really want to know you! I really want to be with you!  I really want to see you!”  Not much more to it, that was the bulk of the song, repeating the simple phrases of love and longing…

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