I tried to reblog Manny’s post with this video and the video didn’t show up. Thus, I want to give Manny of “The Cracked Pot” credit for where I found this. It is something that every Arkansan and American needs to see at this time when the foundations of our culture are heading towards the ruins pictured in the previous post.



    • Chris says:

      Wow. This is very good peacebyjesus. Thank you. It makes a pretty comprehensive and compelling argument, one with which I obviously agree. I also like the “tone” of the argument. It was written out of love for the homosexual and concern for the soul, not out of a spirit of legalism. Thanks again.

      • peacebyjesus says:

        Glory to God for what is good, Yet if you Google homosexuality and the Bible then you no longer see it, since they have a liberal bias and also want short articles.

        It took a long time to write, and was mainly motivated by commitment to Godly sound doctrine in response to contrivances of liberal apologetics.

        Thanks. Grace and peace thru Jesus the Lord.

        • Chris says:

          It’s no surprise to me that this article is not easy to find. The bias that you’ve mentioned has become pretty obvious. This work is probably the best that I’ve seen on the subject.
          As far as length, I’ve found that I get more hits on shorter posts myself. People just don’t read like they used to.
          I obviously hold to the traditional view and also “work from a strong adherence to the theological foundation of Divine Biblical inspiration and infallibility…”
          Thank you for your kind words and for sharing the link to this excellent piece. It is obvious that a great amount of effort went into it. I found it very balanced and well written. I will share it when referring to this subject in the future.

          I must admit that I was surprised that Mr. Gagnon holds to the JEDP view of the Pentateuch. I would disagree with him on that but I am very appreciative of his efforts to get the theology on this subject correct. It is so very important.

          God’s blessings….

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