Most of this week’s posts dealt with a world that is hanging in the balance. Because of allergy problems I’ve never experienced before, I had Monday off. Thus, the extra posts this week.

I encourage all of you to get over to Delight in Truth’s blog to learn a bit about major problems with Norway’s government.

Also, if you haven’t ever been to Deborah Ann’s blog, you really should tap into that. Deborah is waiting like I am for the Lord’s return and her blog is a constant blessing of encouragement.

It was also nice to hear m’kayla interviewed here. I had never heard her voice before though I’ve been following her blog for some time. Her comments are very insightful regarding the new age movement and certain Christian themed films that are recent.

Greg Mannarino, who called the “top” of the stock market was on with Greg Hunter this week. He is very concerned about the corruption in our financial system as is Catherine Austin Fitts who thinks that criminals are running the U.S. government.

Roger Oakland, an apologist with discernment, gives a great discussion of his ministry and The Road to Babylon.

And then there’s THE STORY of the Christian postgraduate father of four, who was studying to become a social worker who was ordered to hand back his student ID and library card because of Christian comments he made on Facebook. This happened in England and was covered by the press there.
Oh, and while you are at that story check out the website it’s on. I’ve never been to Voice of the Persecuted before, but it looks very good at first glance. I’ve been back once to check out a few links and so far so good.

In fact, I decided to reblog what I thought was an excellent VOP article about 2015 being the worst year on record for worldwide Christian persecution.
I’ve been busy this week and don’t intend to put this much material up before each Saturday wrap-up. There’s a lot to choose from here though and I think that all of it is accurate and up to date.

God’s blessings…

Chris Reimers

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