Appeal to Oslo, Stryn, Bergen and the Rest of Norway!

Chris is a Christian man who has been instrumental in getting the word out about the injustices in Norway.

Delight in Truth

Hello friends from Norway

I am dr. Chris Prunean from California, the blogger at  As a father of 4 children and a physician, I would like to motivate you, the great people of Norway to no longer be silent about the human rights violations committed by the Child Protective Services in Norway.

It is now international news that the Norwegian CPS is removing children from good and loving families for trivial matters, and in the process it violates basic human rights.

The CPS confiscated the 5 Bodnariu children in Naustdal without a social investigation, without warning, and without due process for the parents.  Moreover, no evidence of abuse was found on any of the children. Now imagine the horror the parents have experienced when they found bruises and scrapes on their children during visitation! These are injuries which happened to the children while under CPS custody!

Ezekiel, the youngest…

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2 Responses to Appeal to Oslo, Stryn, Bergen and the Rest of Norway!

  1. Knut Nygaard says:

    As a physician you should know the difference between pasients that have a situation that is done with a date fixed and those who have a situation that is done after the emergency scheme.

    The public services involved handled the Bodnariu case in accordance with criminal law § 282 – violence in the family – and in accordance with the child welfare act § 4-6, 2. section. The daughers told a story that the parents have partly confirmed. The ridiculous part is why – if all cards are on the table – this can’t be handled with measures given at home – that is my opinion – from the outside looking in, but I don’t know all the details and have not seen any documents from this ongoing case.

    Neither does Mr, Prunean seem to know the details in this case as he has not understood the emergency context.

    In Norway we have just around chronic 200 CPS-haters – some with diagnosis – who hate the CPS and other public services. By doing so they get “therapy” from people ouside Norway believing this is some kind of reality. You have just the same in your own backyard. Around 20 of these are what we can call activists who believe they know something from the outside looking in. Then again – we have a couple of self-proclaimed specialists – and around 10-15 videoes – the rest is from other places in the world. “CPS in Norway may vary bey municipality, but generally people in Norway do not call CPS for ridoculous reasons.” These articles and videoes are posted as retro ammunition and the new ones on the activist/support scene coming in from the support of the Bodnariu case see this and might think it’s “new” material.

    There is a legal case going on in Florø – i think – today and tomorrow. You in the support team will get som details and we all hope for the best for the famiily. Of cause you have freedom to demonstrate and do whatever you like, but that have not impact on the legal cases nor the CPS in Norway.

    You must understand one thing – Norway as a nation have no intention to snatch anyones kids. We have laws and public services and possibly you have some of that in your surroundings. The child welfare act is based on the principle that a child belongs to it’s family. Removal is only done when all help measures given to the child and parents don’t alter the care. This may take years. Nobody have any intention to use the tax payers money on purposes not needed for. This official care is not cheap. It’s much cheaper for the nation not to take care of any child. It’s only you that are misguided – the rest of the world knows the truth both about Norway and our CPS.

    • Chris says:

      You are confused, Knut. I am not a physician. I am a teacher. Why you continue to support your employer’s heinous behavior is beyond me.

      Now you have time to spend on Chris Prunean’s blog AND my blog with over 30 CPS cases? It’s been mentioned that you are making comments in many places on the internet. Your employer must be giving you time to spread this propaganda.

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