Science is way ahead of ethics. People are doing things in labs today which would interest Heir Hitler. Can the perfect race be created?

The real question is: How far will man go to begin to believe he is a creator of sorts? The answer appears to be pretty far. Some believe we can expedite our evolution. These types of people have no common sense.

Don’t we have enough problems already?

What are the problems with cloning? This post will look at just one of the choices being made by playing God.

This article discusses CLONING’S HIGH COST. This article is 15 years old. I bet the price tag hasn’t gone down.

Where are our priorities? The millions being spent on this “research” could house a few of our homeless veterans. There are many needs that are more important than cloning anything or anybody.

I did a poll among a small group of young people (Jr. High) and was surprised by the response. Over 80% of the teenagers I talked to (about 100) thought that “creating” a T-Rex was a bad idea. Most of these youth were asked before I discussed priorities.

I think these young people are wiser than the “reporter” in the video above.

Here is the definition of the word “science:”

“The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.”

Did I see the word “practical” in that definition?

I wasn’t planning on bringing up the National Debt here, but the world is going broke. We need to be better stewards of what we do have control over. If our methods of stewardship don’t change soon, things will spiral out of control one way or another.

My opinion? (I know I’ve already given a few here) The Great Tribulation that Jesus mentions in Matthew 24 is right around the corner because man won’t change his methods of stewardship. Sincerely, I hope I am wrong.

Chris Reimers


Tyrannosaur Ancestral Tree Remains Limbless

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