Norway’s Barnevernet: They took our four children… then the baby

The Bodnariu Family Photo from Christian Today

The Bodnariu Family
Photo from Christian Today

Finally..a major news source has covered the story. It answered a question that I had that I couldn’t find an answer to. It is a good article. I would like to thank my friend Octavian Curpas for sending me the link.


“The case of a young couple in Norway whose five children were taken away by the state has fuelled mounting concern within the country and abroad over its child protection practices. Protesters around the world – and leading Norwegian professionals – say social workers are often too quick to separate children from their families, with too little justification, particularly when parents are immigrants.

“Ruth and Marius’s life was torn apart without warning one Monday afternoon last November when two black cars approached the farm where they live in a remote Norwegian valley. Their two little boys, aged five and two, and their three-month-old baby son, were in their big, bright, modern living room overlooking the steel-grey fjord.”


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