Ruth Bodnariu: They Came in “Two Black Cars”

This is one of the reasons we pray, walk, sing, and speak in Hot Springs, Arkansas, tomorrow. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS. Click on “Delight in Truth” below to see the short video.

Delight in Truth

Just in case someone asks why we protest against Barnevernet, just show them this clip from BBC Magazine.

This is the reason we protest. One would think this is a scene out of 1950’s communist Romania.

Unfortunately, this is a regular occurrence in modern Norway when the CPS (Barnevernet) initiates acute emergency removal of children from good homes based on trivial matters. Without investigation and without court order.

Watch and be shocked.

Then go and protest.

Marius and Ruth

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2 Responses to Ruth Bodnariu: They Came in “Two Black Cars”

  1. Knut Nygaard says:

    You – and the religious Romenians may think that Christianity can rule a democratic and free nation based upon the bible – in 2016? No country in the Western world do that – neither Canda nor USA. A nation is ruled by it’s laws and the ruling power for the moment.

    You – and the religious Romenians were misinformed in the start of this case in Naustdal and maybe you still have not understood that there is no persecution of Christians in the CPS and Norway. We have many who don’t like Christianity, but in a free and democratic country they too must have the right to express themselves and organize as they wish.

    You – and the religous Romenians must understand that Barnevernet is just the same in Our neighbouring countries and in the Whole Western world – USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand a.s.o. – Norway is no Monster among these – they are much alike.

    You – and the religious Romenians must understand that the Bodnariu children would have been home months ago if they had given the media the information they gave in Romenia and to the BBC – although it’s disturbing the context to hear Ruth talking about the violence done to her children.

    I wish you good luck with your implementation tomorrow.

    • Chris says:

      How many blogs have you cut and pasted this on Knut? I hope this rant isn’t typical of CPS workers in Norway. We know that CPS workers carry out evil orders.

      This is pure propaganda poorly done.

      May God have mercy on your soul.

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