There were 12 posts added to this blog this week. Two-thirds of the posts have to do with a corrupt system called the Barnevernet, the Norwegian version of our Child Protective Services. I hope you are interested in the subject. If so, please check out “RECENT POSTS” at the right. Also posted are two messages from pastors and one from Greg Hunter whose knowledgeable guest talked about the Middle East. Finally, there is THE COMPETITIVENESS OF MANKIND. My friend Manny called it a: “Cute (short) flick with a point.”

I was fortunate to teach in Garland County Schools and even got a day in at National Park Community College. Classes there include students from many high schools in the area. I taught the criminal justice class.

People have some great educational opportunities in the Hot Springs community.

I hope that all have a wonderful week in the Lord.

Chris Reimers

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