Desperate Parent Leaves Norway

Photo from Delight in Truth's Blog

Photo from Delight in Truth’s Blog

Here is another excellent post on Delight in Truth’s blog. I think I would do the same thing this man has if I lived in Norway and had school aged children. I would leave any of the Nordic countries. CR

Delight in Truth

DESPERATE PARENT – He had his children investigated by ‪#‎Barnevernet‬. For the sake of their safety he IMMEDIATELY took them back to Romania before Barnevernet could confiscate them.

When faced with the trouble they caused, a Barnevernet official spoke to and said this was a “routine” interview by a nurse and that the Dugeniuc family had nothing to fear. Nevertheless, Andras Dugeniuc fled Norway to ensure his children will not be targeted. This video is available on the site below, a Norwegian newspaper.

Translation of Andras Dugeniuc:

“[I did this] because of the interrogation that one of the younger children (age 9) was put through at school. After the interrogation, the kids panicked and knowing about the Bodnariu case from the internet they asked me: what will happen to us? The same as with the Bodnariu family? So, they panicked and said, dad, we will not…

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