Video Link: New Director’s Cut of Excellent Christian Documentary: “The Real Roots of the Emergent Church”

Sherryn posted this awhile back but Elliott Nesch’s excellent documentary is one that every Christian should see. I am relying on “The Narrowing Path” more and more for my discernment information.

The Narrowing Path

Here is another critically important documentary I urge you to watch and share with others. The film maker, brother Elliott Nesch of Holy Bible Prophecy generously offers this film to watch, download and distributed free of charge. With over an hour of additional material, this well-researched film is an invaluable resource for Christians.

The Real Roots Of The Emergent Church

From the original documentary description:

Because diversity characterizes the Emergent Church movement, it is difficult to paint everyone in the movement with a broad brush. Some have observed that defining the Emergent Church is like nailing jello to a wall. All participants agree on their disillusionment with the institutional church, but do not all agree on where the church is destined to go from here. They share a common concern with many evangelicals over the state of the modern church, especially the mega-church phenomenon and “seeker-friendly” churches. For this reason, many…

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2 Responses to Video Link: New Director’s Cut of Excellent Christian Documentary: “The Real Roots of the Emergent Church”

  1. Mannyr says:

    A well done documentary. It is a sad commentary on the hubris of some who would have us believe they are leaders called to spearhead some super-egotistical demonstration of elevated human consciousness or enlightened human intellect. Hogwash!

    Beware of these people they are to be avoided at all costs. The brass of these so-called intellects spewing these seducing lies. Somehow they have had so much of this brand of cool-aide that they would dare to speak as if they were wiser than all mighty God.

    Matthew 18:3,4 answers to these people. Here is a hint of these supposed leaders (Pastors) who from a place of authority exercise dominance of their flocks. Where is one such person, Rob Bell ? Roaming the beaches of Southern California waiting for a call from Opera.

    • Chris says:

      Well stated, Manny!!! They seem to think they are so intellectual don’t they. The word you used “Hubris” is perfect for them. The twist scripture to suit their needs of the moment and it becomes anti-scripture. It is all so heretical.

      I always enjoy your comments my friend.

      God’s blessings…

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