Why I’m Dumping Christianity Today Magazine

If you are supporting Christianity Today Magazine in any way, it is time to stop. Dan makes it clear.

The Battle Cry

Through the years I’ve been an on again, off again reader of Christianity Today, often referred to these days as Christianity ‘Astray’. A few years ago I tried another subscription that gave me hard copy and online versions because id seemed like a good deal and after all, there was an occasional article that still contained sound doctrine. When my last renewal came around I opted for just the online version from which it was easier to extract information and save it in digital format for future reference. This week I received my May edition and if I could get a partial refund of the remaining issues due me I would – trust me. Here is a sampling of what CT had to offer:

1. Beyond Bono and Eugene Peterson: The Most Searched and Shared Psalms

Thanks to some earlier advertising I knew this one was coming. Fuller Theological Seminary…

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2 Responses to Why I’m Dumping Christianity Today Magazine

  1. Barbara Anable says:

    Thank you!!

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