The Bible and Hollywood

Dan has captured my thoughts with his words here, except that my thoughts wouldn’t be as well articulated. As Dan describes what church used to be, it is obvious that we are near the same age. He mentions the past 100 years but he and I have both seen drastic changes in worship in the past 45. He mentions my favorite preacher of all time, Mr. Spurgeon. In most cases, you would be better off spending a few on something by him than on Holywood. Please don’t support all of the “Christian” movies coming out because you think it will somehow send some sort of message to someone. Do a little research before you barter for two hours that gets you nothing.

The Battle Cry

I firmly believe that the Bible was not intended to ‘entertain’ the Christian consumer, much less the lost millions who need a Savior from their sin. Nevertheless, Hollywood has discovered that there are untapped millions of dollars that are ripe for the taking from an all too willing ‘Christian’ audience eager and conditioned to think that God is all about satisfying our desires and temporal cravings.

There was probably a time when this was not the case, a time when going to church meant entering the house of a great big God who rightly deserves honor, worship, awe, respect, and fear. We sang God honoring hymns full of rich theology that spoke of what a mighty and merciful God had done on behalf of spiritually dead sinners. But I digress.

The change from humbly worshipping God in reverence and awe and listening to a precher actually exposit Scripture has been…

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