Aria holds the bubble maker for her daddy

Aria holds the bubble maker for her daddy

We had our two-hour visitation today with our precious little princess
It was again a wonderful meeting and we loved seeing her again. She seems to recognize us and was happy, very talkative and started playing with her mummy shortly after we arrived. We brought soap-bubbles she could play with, and she really thought this was funny. She wanted to put the bubbles into daddy and mommy’s mouth, laughing a lot We also brought a book with photos of us and her she can bring to the foster parents. It was really heartbreaking when Aria took the book, pointed at a picture of Vibeke and said “mummy”. She seemed quite independent of her confidence-person, and was not in need of any particular support from her.

Actually when the visitation was terminated after two hours, she started crying.

And we doubt anyone can understand and really comprehend how devastating it is to see your own daughter cry and not being allowed to comfort her because the visitation has finished.

We as Arias one and only parents are sure that she also knows there is a special bond between us, she can feel and sense it.

Her temper is much like her father-fearless, active, but her strong headedness she gets from both her parents Even not barnevernet can erase biology, and Aria can feel the connection. So do not make any mistakes-she is OUR daughter and she belongs in OUR family, not in a foster family. Now and forever!

Before the visitation, Barnevernet and the police made a huge mistake and the visitation almost cancelled.

The scheduled visitation was cancelled, but first after we actually showed up at the location.

There we were met by the leader of Lørenskog Barnevern Arnfinn Heimstad who explained it and made some excuses.
Suddenly he was not afraid of Arias father any more, very strange we must add.

We had off course been looking forward to the visitation and hardly slept anything the night before.

When we got back home, Barnevernet made a phone call to us where they re-scheduled the visitation to later the same day.
Because the police did not have the time, they hired private security-guards and even paid for our taxi-expenses.

So for the first time they actually cleaned up their own mess, which was a first positive experience.

And so to finish it off, Mette Lisbet Haugen, the hired contractor, praised us many times after the visitation.

And also Aria many times during the visitation, so today we are not only full of love towards our dear baby Aria as parents, but also proud parents…
BUT TO BE CLEAR on that WE ARE PROUD parents of ARIA every second and every day, SHE is the result of our love and now and forever will she be the love of our life.

This was published today on the Justice for baby Aria and her family facebook page. Click on THIS LINK and scroll down to see more pictures of today’s visitation.

Anyone who has been following this story will have mixed emotions when reading about this visitation. This beautiful little girl only gets to see her parents two hours 3 or 4 times a year. This family was never given a chance to start life together as Baby Aria was taken from her parents in the first days of her life. The charges made by the Norwegian authorities against these parents are a mix of outrageous and mysterious. There is no good reason that Aria is in foster care. As the numbers of children removed from Norwegian parents are reported to be increasing each year, more families find themselves in the same situation as Ken and Vibeke.


For more information about Aria, Ken, and Vibeke, CLICK HERE.

One can find the same article title on the Justice for baby Aria and Family facebook page.


  1. This story breaks my heart! More than that this story breaks God’s heart! He is God of the Families! God is a God of Reconciliation so therefore, He will RESTORE this family in ways we cannot imagine in the Almighty name of Jesus Christ! Ephesians 3:20 it is written!

    • Chris says:

      Welcome to my blog, Crystal.

      I can always tell when someone has been here the first time because I have to approve the first comment.

      The problems in Norway became evident to me through Delight in Truth’s blog and the story of the Bodnariu family.

      I was reading Delight’s blog before the Bodnariu account became known worldwide. His is a solid Christian blog and I have come to appreciate the American/Romanian Christian community in America and Romanians in general as I have watched their stand for human rights in our world today.

      As I became more interested in the things that were being reported by eyewitnesses from a country that was supposed to one of the most “modern” in the world, stories of other families also interested me.

      The account of Ken, Vibeke, and Aria and their experience was one that I was drawn towards. I learned that Ken had been taken by the Barnevernet system when he was just a youth. The long reach of Norway’s BV went to Denmark where Ken was taken from his mother. He then entered a very difficult period in his life, in the custody of the state. Ken takes responsibility for things he knows he shouldn’t have done. The question is: “Would Ken have been exposed to the bad things he was exposed to if he would not have been taken from his mother, or even if he would have have been allowed to stay with a good relative?” Seeing how Ken has reacted to the birth of his daughter, Aria, I think I know the answer to the question. In spite of how he was treated by an organization willing to take him from his own mother, he has done all he can to try and correct the injustice done when his own daughter was taken just as he was. The difference is that Aria was taken just days after being born.

      I think Ken would have done much better with his own mother and I think Aria would be in much better care with her own parents. Ken and Vibeke have done so much to be the best parents they can be and still it is not good enough in the eyes of an organization within their own country.

      This story has had the same effect on me as it has had on you, Crystal.
      There are many injustices in the world, but when a government takes its own citizens from their fathers and mothers it is a tragedy of the highest order.

      Our God is a God of Families as you have stated. He created man and woman to become one and to have children. We were created to have fellowship with Him as individuals within families.

      Unfortunately, man’s sin has turned entire groups and even government entities against the plan of God. To make things worse, this family is only one of many. It is symbolic of what is happening in Norway and in other places.

      I appreciate this family and how it has been honest with the world. It must not be an easy thing to have your life played out in front of others. I know it is not something Ken would have planned.

      Ken Olsen would like everyone to know, not only for his daughter, but for other families as well, that this unjust situation must be changed. He is a product of a system that is now trying to ruin his life for a second time. I appreciate his updates and I will continue to follow this family as long as I am able.

      I also appreciate comments like yours, Crystal. I helps me to know that others are also praying for Ken, Vibeke, and Aria, and the situation in Norway.

      It sounds like you have read the end of God’s Word as I have. This world is full of God’s wonderful creation but it is also full of man’s evil. In the end, our Almighty Savior that you have mentioned will return and justice and righteousness will reign.

      Until that day, we must continue to try and help others to expose the darkness in this world.

      It is a wonderful verse you have shared with us, Crystal. Ephesians 3:12 states:

      “we have boldness and confident access through faith in Him.”

      God’s Word is full of promises and God is not like man. He will keep His promises.

      God bless you…

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  3. Ken Joar Olsen says:

    Thank you for your support and help my friend, I will never be able to tell you how much it means for me… So I truly hope that you know that for me, this is so great and actually getting help in the fight for my child.
    I think and hope maybe gives an little idea of the magnitude of my gratitude… From me and Vibeke.

    • Chris says:

      You are very welcome my friend. I feel blessed to know you, Ken. You are evidence of the resilience that God can put in a man. Your love for your daughter is unquestioned. A story like yours should not happen. Yet, it is not rare in your country.

      I wish this blog had millions of readers, not for my benefit, but so that the injustice of the C.P.S. System in Norway would be exposed for what it is.

      I will continue to follow the lives of Aria and Caspian as they are children of God who were meant to be brought up by you, Vibeke, and Nadia, their own loving biological parents.

      Thank you for sharing your story so that others might know of the cruel things that are happening in your country, Ken, and so that a cry for righteousness will be heard worldwide.

      Please know that you and your family are in my prayers.

      • Ken Joar Olsen says:

        Thank you and sorry my friend, i did not get any message about your response… Before Valerie Iancu was so nice to reblog the story, and once again so grateful for you good people giving our and the others tragedy that are taking place in Norway a voice…
        You are truly a big help, so thank you.

        • Chris says:

          No apologies needed my friend. You’ll find that I don’t see everything, particularly on Facebook, and it is certainly not intentional to miss an opportunity to comment.

          You are welcome, Ken. Your situation is tragic, indeed. I am one voice, you are one voice, if we can get enough voices maybe a difference can be made.

          You didn’t choose to be involved in this issue but you are the kind of person, I think, who would see this situation as tragic even if you hadn’t been taken from your mother by the CPS as a child along with having your own child taken.

          God bless you. You and your family are in my prayers.

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