My Rock

Sherry has a way of picking out the gems from the “Prince of Preachers.” Here is another good one…

He Hath Said

He only is my rock and my salvation. -Psalm 62:2

“My rock!” What a history the rock might give you of the storms to which it has been exposed; of the tempests which have raged in the ocean at its base, and of the thunders which have disturbed the skies above its head; while it, itself, has stood unscathed by tempests, and unmoved by the buffettings of storms. So with our God. How firm hath He stood-how steadfast hath He been-though the nations have reviled Him, and “the kings of the earth have taken counsel together!” By merely standing still He hath broken the ranks of the enemy, without even stretching forth His hand! With motionless grandeur like a rock He hath broken the waves, and scattered the armies of His enemies, driving them back in confusion. Look at the rock again: see how firm and unmoved it stands! It…

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2 Responses to My Rock

  1. Sherry says:

    Thanks, Chris! God bless you, amen!~

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