April 13, 2016

Over the past few weeks, blog posts about Saturday’s Worldwide protest have continued to multiply. My new friend, Octavian Curpas, put this up on his You Tube channel. Today, many of my blogging friends posted items about the protest. I have already communicated the Hot Springs event here. I have no idea how many will show up. There might be 10. There might be 50. The number doesn’t matter to me as the worldwide demonstration will have plenty of people. I thought we should be represented.

I hope you can show up at a local demonstration near you.

Chris Reimers

Here are Jitka Fialova’s comments:

Anti-Norwegian CPS message by Jitka Fialová from Czech Republic

With Every day that passes more incriminating evidence piles up against Barnevernet. Here is an argumentative discourse by Mrs. Jitka Fialová from Czech Republic, one of the administrators of the page: “Norway, give us back the children you stole”. (The video above)

“I am Jitka Fialová, a mother of three and one of admins on the page Norway, give us back the children you stole. I joined the stop barnevernet movement about a year ago when I was informed about the story of Eva Michalaková. In this case, her 2 children were taken by Barnevernet after false accusations and separated not only from their mother and father but also from all other relatives, their language, their culture and from each other. I found out, that Children’s rights in Norway are not valued like I would expect in this reportedly most democratic country in the world. An arrested criminal has far better legal protection than small children who are being taken away from their families without any provocation and placed with total strangers. Criminals can be held only a few hours in custody to be evaluated by an experienced police lawyer. A small acutely replaced child may have to wait several months for a careful evaluation of whether the conditions for snatching him or her were met! With my engagement in this issue I want to prove that an Eastern country like the Czech Republic can be more civilized than Norway because we do care about our families. So please join demonstrations around the world on April 16th to stop Barnevernet.

My friends in Norway, please go to Oslo, Stryn, Bergen or any other city where a protest is scheduled to join the fight against Barnevernet!”.


March 17, 2016
Photo by Jerry

Photo by Jerry

I will be leading a demonstration on Saturday, April 16. It will be a peaceful demonstration to protest the Child Protective Services of the country of Norway. If you are not aware of the dreadful abuse of government power that is occurring there, you only need to visit THIS BLOG.

The demonstration will take place just across the street from the picture above. The picture is of a sign located directly in Front of the National Park offices on Central Avenue. We will gather near the large fountain at 10:00 A.M. I will stay until 2:00 P.M. I have contacted the local authorities and they are aware of the event. If you are not familiar with this important issue, check out THIS BLOG which has recently been dedicated to this issue. If you are able to stop by for a short time, that would be great. At the moment, I am only certain of one person who will be attending (me) for the duration. I know that one family member will be able to stop by. As I am organizing this with little notice, I would be happy for anyone to come and join me.

Please inform yourself before you come. I will be handing out brochures to try and educate Americans about these problems. Demonstrations will be held in other American cities. I will list them in a future post in case someone near those cities wants to attend.

Why this effort instead of the many others I could be addressing? You have to read DELIGHT IN TRUTH’S BLOG to find out. If this system is allowed by the world, it may wind up here someday. The tragedy is already occurring and maybe it can be stopped before the problem grows to other countries.

Chris Reimers


A word from a Norwegian:


January 15, 2014
Photo by Life

Photo by Life

Click on the map above to enlarge.

This news was shared on Facebook by Jerry Cox, President of The Arkansas Family Council. We are facebook friends and I have worked with Jerry on a moral issue in our state.

“Arkansas has just been named the third most pro-life state in the nation. Only Oklahoma and Louisiana rank higher. In addition, Arkansas has been named as one of five “All star” states that is doing an outstanding job of protecting women and children from abortion. Here is the story. Thanks to our friends in the Arkansas Legislature, Arkansas is one of the most pro-life places in the nation.”


My comment:

I am happy that my state is one of the leaders in the nation on protecting the lives of the unborn. We have so much work left to do. Please pray for all of the Pregnancy Crisis Centers that are helping young women make the right decisions every day.



August 15, 2013
Photo by mateoutah

Photo by mateoutah

It is time, once again, to get involved in local “politics.”  I was at a recent Watchmen of Garland County meeting and the subject was Oaklawn.  Oaklawn is the local racetrack and casino.  It appears that $40 million a month is not enough.  At least that’s the number that I heard from a friend who knows quite a bit about what Oaklawn takes in.  There is word in the air that another expansion is in the works.  I don’t know how large the plans are, but one more “machine of skill” (That’s a short phrase that some of those who benefit from the casino use.) is too much for me.

The plan is to show up at the City Board meeting on Tuesday, September 3rd, and voice our views on any expansion.  I have already requested FOI information and plan to share it at the meeting unless there are so many who have had their lives ruined by a gambling problem willing to speak that time runs out.

I’ve always viewed gambling as nothing more than a poor tax.  From a Christian viewpoint, the Bible speaks of being content with what one has.

Admittedly, I am not an angel when it comes to gambling.  I’ve gambled thrice, that I can remember in the last 30 years.  A boss of mine taunted me to gamble, knowing he would lose, just to see if I would gamble.  I finally relented and won $20 (I think).  He was so unhappy that I took him up on it that he paid me in pennies.  I turned around and bet another employee about something that I knew I would lose and he ended up with the tainted gambling money.  Another time, on a work related outing, I was given money to gamble.  I ended up winning at a black jack table.  I felt so bad I’ll never set foot in another casino as long as I live if I can help it.

If you live in or near Hot Springs, I hope you show up at the meeting on September 3rd.  Even if you don’t like to speak in front of people, it would be nice to fill the room with concerned citizens.

Chris Reimers

The photo above is not suggesting that Oaklawn allows children to gamble.  My point is that many children are affected adversely by the gambling industry.  There are many Dads who wind up like the guy below because there are casinos in town.

HERE is a link to an article about gambling sent to me by my friend, Kassey.

The article by Science Digest finishes with this statement:

The authors conclude: “Our findings indicate that there is a relationship between age and pathological gambling: the older the patient, the more gambling-related problems the patient has. Intervention during early manifestations of the complex problem that is pathological gambling is essential for successful treatment planning.”

Kassey writes a blog called “Ponder Anew.”

Photo by robertivanc

Photo by robertivanc


March 25, 2013
Photo by Farther Along

Photo by Farther Along

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) – The Arkansas House has approved a bill that would criminalize the killing of a fetus from the moment of conception.

You can see the rest of the short article here.


I don’t have the latest information on this, but my mom saw it in an almost hidden space in the local newspaper.  It appears that the representatives for the people of Arkansas are continuing to push for more restrictions on abortion.  I’m hoping that this measure will pass as have the last two anti-abortion laws.  A veto will need to be overridden and there will be litigation, but I am thankful to live in a state where life is valued by the majority.


Also: It is interesting that the Seal of Arkansas has the word “mercy” on it.

Also: Welcome to a new subscriber named jens54a from Nuremberg, Bayern, Germany.


March 11, 2013
A person at 12 weeks

A person at 12 weeks

Arkansas legislators have overridden a veto by the governor in order to prohibit most abortions after 12 weeks of pregnancy, the earliest ban of any state in the country.

“I feel grateful that people recognize that the abortion policy of this nation has not made abortions rare,” said the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Jason Rapert, in a statement. “In Arkansas, we have now recognized the need for a more balanced policy, and Roe v. Wade has allowed us this option.”

“I am so proud of my fellow legislators for standing up and protecting the lives of unborn children,” he continued. “When there is a heartbeat, there is life.”


You can read the entire article from Before It’s News here.

Many have worked and prayed that this would become law in Arkansas.  May God bless all of those who have made this possible.


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