Comedy, Tragedy, and Hope

March 16, 2022

The past three hours I have searched of the internet for something funny to share with you. Maybe a little bit of laughter could lighten the load caused by the news on the television each night lately.

Videos of Charlie Chaplin popped up first. I looked at parts of those and they were good, but nothing seemed to make me laugh. Then there was Buster Keaton. I was sure his deadpan face and antics would put a smile on my face. It was entertaining but didn’t seem as funny as the last time I saw it.

Compilations of funny clips of comedians and others were too long to share.

I looked back at old clips of David Letterman throwing stuff off of five story buildings. The randomness of odd things exploding on the pavement after a long fall could be very funny back in the day. I remember that watermelons hitting the concrete looked a lot like fireworks in the sky.

One of our two family cats is comical at times. It can be hilarious when she contorts herself to get comfortable, even for a dog guy. But, today she is still wandering around outside and probably won’t be napping for awhile.

Then I remembered Bob Nelson. I laughed so hard once that I fell on the floor when he did a bit on Jacques Cousteau. I couldn’t find a clip of that, but the video above made me laugh.

I’m sure that many people are trying to find a way to block out the fact that bombs are being dropped on people in the Ukraine.  I don’t blame them.  Its not good to have to think of war so much.  The people in the Ukraine don’t have that luxury.

Maybe you have heard of the story that I just read this morning.  It is about a King who wanted another man’s vineyard so badly that he couldn’t eat.  The king tried to buy it from the man, but it was the man’s inheritance and he wouldn’t part with it.  The King’s evil wife questioned her husband’s behavior and saw to it that the owner of the vineyard was deviously killed so that her husband could have it.

If you want to know the “end” of the evil king and his evil wife, you can find it prophesied in 1 Kings 21.

Justice will be served to all who perform such atrocities.  It is a theme repeated many times in the Bible. All will reap what they have sown. Thank God these words are balanced by the grace of God throughout the scriptures for those who turn from their ungodly ways.

There are times when laughter doesn’t come easy.  This is one of those times.  Despite this truth, hope is always easy to find.  First Peter is one place to find it:

“Therefore, with minds that are alert and fully sober, set your hope on the grace to be brought to you when Jesus Christ is revealed at his coming. (1:13)”

Please pray for the Ukrainian and Russian people who are trapped in a seemingly hopeless situation.

Chris Reimers

Bob Nelson used to use profanity in his comedy until he was told by Red Skelton that he was using poison to try to make people laugh.  Bob Nelson doesn’t use bad words in his comedy these days.  He is a Christian man now who has recently been through difficult times.  Still, he talks about how God has helped him.

This bit was requested by a Wings reader and I am happy to post it here:

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