In Norway, if one of your children tells one lie there is a chance the police will arrive with a “Child Protection” agent, the children will be taken, and the entire family will be broken up indefinitely

American children Nikita (10), Elizabeth (7) and Brigita (11) were forcefully removed from their loving parents Natalya Shutakova and Zygys Aleksandavicius on May, 20th 2019. The evil will of the Barnevernet (Norway’s “Child Welfare Service”) has been accomplished. The children are now split between three different foster parents.

My understanding is that Brigita complained about her parents at school. She was unhappy about a disagreement she had with her parents. The authorities were contacted and the children were removed from their parents. Since the incident, Brigita has stated that she lied because she was upset with her parents. Her admission is not good enough to make a difference in Norway. She and her siblings are indefinitely separated from their parents and each other except for a few visits of a few hours each year.

“There was no court proceeding, no investigation, no due process, or assistance given to the family prior to the taking of the children. The children desperately want to come home but the Norwegian authorities won’t release them. Their main concern is the family is perceived to have not a good enough routine. No violence, no abuse, no drugs, just a subjective assessment that the family didn’t reach the standard expected of them.”

This is all standard procedure in Norway.

A fairly recent article asks: “Should your kid be taken away if they don’t like fish-balls? Norway says so” (Click on this title to see the article.)
The article starts with this family’s story and provides additional details of the horrific problem in Norway.
The article also references Marianne Skanland’s (a linguistics professor who has appeared in a few cases as a child language expert) compiled list of 71 reasons that child welfare services have used to make its case. (Click here to see it.)
I believe Marianne to be one of the best educated Norwegians on this subject. I’ve been fortunate to have her comment here from time to time. Here is one grouping of Marianne’s comments which have been translated into English on her website. (Click Here)

Nothing has changed in Norway. Worldwide protests against such behavior have made a difference in only one case that I’m aware of. Foreign government complaints have gone unheeded and some foreign governments haven’t done enough to address the problem. (The U.S. is one of these.) Reprimands of human rights violations at the European Court of Human Rights have been hopeful but have caused no real positive change within the country. The hope is that the number of cases being presented to the ECHR will eventually cause Norwegian officials to see the tragic error of their ways and force them to create an entirely new system built on common sense child rearing instead of “psycho-babble” (as Marianne would call it.)

I have hope for Norway because I know that prayer is powerful. I have hope for Norway because of some of the wonderful people I’ve met through my advocacy.

Chris Reimers

10 Responses to In Norway, if one of your children tells one lie there is a chance the police will arrive with a “Child Protection” agent, the children will be taken, and the entire family will be broken up indefinitely

    • Chris says:

      Indeed it is, Paster Jim.

      • SLIMJIM says:

        Thanks for this information for others to know

        • Chris says:

          You’re welcome, Pastor Jim. I know there are so many problems in our world today. God has given me a soft spot for children and we know how important they are to Him. There are cases like this in America but per capita I think Norway has one of the worst records when it comes to a “Child Protection Service.” The sad thing is that they appear to want to spread their damaging child rearing philosophies to other countries. It is definitely something to keep an eye on.
          God’ blessings my friend…

  1. Unfortunately, it will take some time to correct, add knowledge and change Norway’s child welfare. We are many who are impatient and do not have time.
    Changes are on the way and there have been cases pending at county magistrates and in the court system, where they have actually been shown to the EMD’s judgments against Norway and NOT become what the child welfare service has worked for when placing children.
    Yes it is late and things take time, but a change and improvement is coming.

    • Chris says:

      I’m so glad to hear your thoughts, visaversa. Hope is a wonderful thing and I’m glad you have it. I have it as well because it seems like so many stories about this problem are now being recognized by many countries.

  2. Yes, shame on us in Norway! I agree completely. But if we can bring the social state tyranny down in Norway, we must use its example to work to have it stop in other countries also. It is perhaps more visible in Norway at the moment, but the problem is international, it is all over the Western world and actually spreading.

    When I say this, you should please NOT think that I mean that it is unfair to attack Norway for what the Norwegian state is doing. Not at all. When I say the problem is pervasive, I mean to warn people to look for the causes – too large build-up of too powerful social services, too many psychologists pursuing a speculative, faulty, ideological psycho-babble psychology to back it up and give them ‘work’ to do.

    Do you recall the “Named Person” scheme which Scotland tried to introduce, forcing a publically appointed sort of super-guardian on every child? Actually, there was so strong opposition that the authorities have backed down:
    “Some ethical objections to the ‘NamedPerson Scheme’

    I have sent Chris some info about a new article I have written, regarding the many cases against Norway for its CPS which are now reaching the European Court of Human Rights. What is happening there is rather a miracle, it gives real hope. The changes won’t come from our authorities with their good will, but still we are making some headway with information, although the politically correct establishment are of course publishing much more nonsense than we can manage to publish sense.

    God bless you all,

    • Chris says:

      Hi Marianne. So glad that you have commented on this.

      “…if we can bring the social state tyranny down in Norway, we must use its example to work to have it stop in other countries also.”

      This is something that I am very conscience of, partly because of the education you have given me on the subject. It is, indeed, an international problem and, sadly as you have mentioned, along with sex trafficking it is spreading. In so many ways our world seems to be “wearing out like a garment,” in this case morally, as the Bible teaches.

      I know that you love your country which is probably part of the reason you are willing to call down shame upon it. The problem is that enough aren’t willing to do the same when the evidence that change is needed is so obvious.

      I don’t recall the “Named Person” scheme in Scotland. There are so many types of plots against the children of our world I can’t keep up with them. Thank you for sharing the link, Marianne. I will definitely look it up.

      I’m so glad that you feel there is some real hope because of the decisions and new cases being heard at the European Court of Human Rights. I want to share your recent article and will be posting it in a few days.

      This comment speaks the truth of what people like us are up against: “The changes won’t come from our authorities with their good will…”

      I know you have been speaking out about this issue for a long time, Marianne. I pray the decisions at Strasbourg (at the ECHR) along with the recognition of the attempted devaluing of those decisions by Norwegian officials become obvious to all. This mess needs to be ended in Norway and in every other place in the world where it has taken hold.

      God bless you for your efforts…

      ***I just checked out the “Named Person” scheme in Scotland article you have shared. I have a very poor memory. I was actually one of three (you being one of the others) who commented on the article. Thankfully, it didn’t become law but it does give us another look at how some people view the family in our times.

  3. […] In the last year or so Norway’s Child Welfare Services (Barneveret) has been found guilty of Human Rights abuses at the European Court of Human Rights on several occasions. The ECHR can condemn a country for Human Rights violations but it has no regulatory authority. It appears that nothing concrete has been done to change the abysmal system although good sources say that more Norwegians are aware of the problem and that there are a few good media articles here and there. At the same time, the ungodliness continues. A few of the recent ECHR decisions can be found here.Among others, there is the more recent story of an American mother who has had her three children taken from her. The Wings of the Wind published posts about Natalya Shutakova’s family here and here. […]

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