The Devilish Puppet Master of the Word-Faith Movement by Justin Peters

November 10, 2013

Mr. Peters does a great job of discussing some of the WOF teachers that I have put up in another post by Keith Thompson. Thank you to Narrowing Path for posting and sharing this information.  Also, Thank you to Floating on Tiptoes, where this video originated.



Mr. Osteen and Ms. Winfrey are Magic

October 28, 2012

Photo from Apostasy Watch

Joel Osteen has joined up with Oprah Winfrey for a Lifeclass presentation on the power of words. In particular the words I AM. Notice the opening invitation from Oprah;

Start making the best out of the life you are living with two simple words: I AM

According to Oprah and Osteen, the words I AM can be invoked like a mantra to improve your life. What they are really saying is that when you recognize the godhood within you your life will magically begin to change.”

This is a portion of an article found here.

I have been watching this “Word of Faith” movement for quite some time now.  According to this article, it “has been infiltrating evangelicalism for decades and is now the fastest growing segment of Christianity in the world.  Some have estimated that up to 90 percent of those claiming to be Christians in Africa are of the prosperity gospel variety.”

I just thought you should know, if you already didn’t.

Chris Reimers

“I AM, is the name that God has chosen for Himself, the very first name revealed to Moses in the wilderness. So when Jesus warned of false teachers his warning was not just that they would claim to be Christ but that they would even claim Godhood for themselves and others.” – Apostasy Watch

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